Contests and Giveaways

No new giveaways for the blog at this time 😢

There are no current giveaways on the Fashion's Sense blog at the moment. However, starting in 2017 there will be surprise, random mini giveaways on my social channels Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, my newsletter mailing list, and YouTube. These mini giveaways are strictly for followers and subscribers on those channels.

How it will work

I will pick one of my social channels and pick a name from the followers/subscribers list. I will contact that person letting them know they won the surprise mini giveaway. I will send their prize via snail mail or email depending on what the prize is. Since regular, non-priority, mail is being used there is no way to track delivery. I will not be able to replace any prizes mishandled by the postal service.

These random prizes are just small little gifts for my followers and subscribers. That is all that you need to be. You don't have to enter. As long as you are a current a subscriber or follower you are in the drawing.

Therefore, if you are not following me or are not subscribed to me on social media you may want to do so soon. Otherwise, you will be out of the loop. Here are my social accounts, just click the link and follow or subscribe to me to be eligible for surprise giveaways.

Facebook Fan Page
Head over to the "Sign up for my Newsletter" tab and subscribe to that.

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