Drugstore Foundation Has Become More Inclusive. Too Bad Drugstore Shelves Haven't.

Hey, lovelies!

I sign up for email newsletters from my favorite beauty and style magazines to keep up with the latest trends. I recently clicked on one from Allure. In one of their newsletters, they highlight a post about the 18 Best Drugstore Foundations for All Your Coverage Needs.

I haven't tried every foundation on this list but I have heard decent feedback from fellow bloggers about a lot of these foundations. I was thinking that many listed have also vast shade ranges, which is good for POC and those with difficult to match undertones. Then it also dawned on me that most drugstores only stock a limited shade range of these foundations.

I am not bashing drugstores for only carrying a limited range of these foundations on shelves. To be practical, many just don't have the floor space for it. As a result, they will carry maybe 12 shades with a couple at either end of the spectrum and the rest being "beigey" tones. Even then you will see the couple of fair tones and deep tones sold out with only the sea of beige left over.

Thank goodness for Walmart and Target. These two stores often carry the full shade ranges. Unfortunately, they sell out quickly because POC know these stores are where they will have the most luck finding their closest shade match.

Even if your local storefront doesn't carry your shade, you more than likely can order it from them online. For Millennials and younger, this is kind of a given for them to check online. When it comes to my generation and older, shopping in-store is still preferred.

The Generation X and Baby Boomer crowds typically don't automatically think, "Well, let me check online for my shade." If what they are looking for is not in their local store, they move on. It has been my experience in the past that if you ask drugstore staff if they carry what you are looking for they look dazed and confused. This is because many are not well-versed in the beauty or personal care products sold. So they will call the manager who often already knows they don't carry it and will direct you to another store. However, I haven't had one direct me or my mother to check online.

I have to be honest, one of the big reasons my generation doesn't do much online shopping is due to our aversion to paying for shipping. Today, many drugstores offer ship-to-store for free. So you can order your foundation shade online, pay for it, and have it shipped to your local drugstore for free. You just need to have the necessary proof of purchase and possibly credit card on hand when you pick up.

So POC and my fair toned lovelies out there, all hope is not lost in finding an affordable foundation. You just might need to use a middle man -- online shopping -- to get your shade from your local drugstore.

What has been your experience finding your foundation shade on drugstore shelves?

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