Walgreens' Balance Rewards Program Changed This November and Is Nothing Special Anymore

Hy lovelies!

My health issues have kept me from blogging but something has stirred up the blogger in me that I wanted to share with you all. If you have been following my blogs about saving while shopping you will notice I bring up Walgreens' Balance Rewards Program often. There was a very good reason for this. I truly felt it was the better of the programs for online shopping, not in-store. Unfortunately, on November 4, 2018, Walgreens changed their policy across the board for redeeming your points.

How Walgreens' Balance Rewards Program Used to Work

Each store location had their own rules for redeeming points. Many keeping to a $10 (10,000 pts) or $5 (5,000) limit. I always found that useful for if you are picking up a couple of items in-store. Online you were able to redeem up to $50 (40,000). This was ideal for large orders, especially when purchasing items that your local store does not carry.

The New Walgreens' Balance Rewards Program

As of November 4, 2018, whether online or in-store, you can only redeem up to $5 (5,000) per transaction. Now, this isn't the only change. Walgreens implemented a new tier system so if you have 1,000 ($1), 2,000 ($2), 3,000 ($3), or 4,000 ($4) points, you can redeem these smaller amounts now. Again, I say this is good for in-store as you can knock a few dollars off of your purchase. However, if you are primarily an online shopper like I am, the new system sucks for you.

What Does This Mean For You, The Shopper?

As I mentioned before, the new limit and tier system works best for in-store shoppers, in my opinion. For online shoppers, the Balance Rewards Program will help you a little bit. Your points pretty much amount to a coupon or discount. For online shopping, I say save your points to give yourself a little extra discount for those big sales Walgreens has. Right now, they have the buy two, get third free in skincare sale going on. So securing an extra $5 off your total is still a savings. This sale ends on December 1, 2018.

As for me, I will be dividing my online shopping endeavors between more stores that sell similar items. So you may see more Instagram posts this holiday shopping season from CVS and Ulta. I am not going to stop shopping at Walgreens, but it will no longer be my first stop anymore.

What do you lovelies think about the changes Walgreens made to their Balance Rewards Program? I get the business side of it, but as a consumer, I need to make my coins stretch.

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