UNPOPULAR OPINION: Rihanna's British Vogue Cover Does Create a Beauty Double Standard for Latinas

Hey lovelies,

I am here with another unpopular opinion about a recent beauty/fashion-related controversy on social media. Remember my unpopular stance about the Marc Jacobs spread in InStyle last year? This time my unpopular opinion involves two style mags and again it deals with cultural double standards. Yes, dammit! So, British Vogue has Rihanna on the cover sporting pencil-thin, drawn on brows. This has caused an issue with our Latina -- specifically Mexican-American -- sisters. This black chick agrees with their issue concerning these brows.

Yes, Sheila Pencil Drawn Brows Have Always Been Around

Those pencil-thin, drawn on brows are nothing new. Those of us who follow costume history know those brows were a staple of the 20s, 30s, and part of the 40s. We also know in the later part of the 20th century those brows were given a name, chola brows. This is because Latinas, especially Mexican-American girls in gangs sported this type of brow. Of course, it went with the dark lined lips but those brows have been associated with Latinx gang culture ever since.

Where is the Problem?

The problem is for any non-Latinx woman sporting those brows, it will be looked at as a throwback beauty trend. If a Latinx woman chooses to wear these brows she will automatically be seen as a Chola. With the current way that Mexicans are being targeted, sporting Chola brows will just reinforce stereotypes that bigots are already clutching tighter than their pearls. These brows are also seen as trashy, unattractive, and other negative adjectives that get attached to them... when worn by Latinx women.

But Isn't This A Reach?

Ummm... No, it is not. Change the brows to cornrows and the ethnicity to African-American. Then think about how we as black women feel when white women wear cornrows, braids, and locs. It is not seen as ghetto when they wear it but it is ghetto or other euphemisms such as urban or street. When Kim, Kylie, and Khloe wear them it is fabulous and trendy. The British Vogue cover makes Latinx women feel the way we do about certain braided styles.

I suggest reading the article written by Krystyna Chavez on Marie Claire's website as she breaks it down better than I can. Then my black sisters, take a moment and realize it is the same script we have been complaining about concerning double standards where our ideals of beauty are concerned. Being a victim of cultural appropriation isn't just a black thing.

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