Use Your Store Program Points to Purchase Luxury Skincare

Hello there, lovelies!

In my first luxury for less post, I am going to discuss using your store program points to purchase luxury skincare. I use the term 'Store Program Points' because every store calls their rewards or points programs by different names. I want to show you how you can make the most of them by using the programs I use most often as an example.

Walgreens Balance Rewards Program

Now Walgreens kind of has two rewards programs but they both end up being balance rewards points. Since this is about skin care you should become acquainted with Walgreens Beauty Enthusiast Program. Being a Beauty Enthusiast is just another way to earn extra Balance Rewards points. For every $50.00 you spend on beauty products, you earn 5,000 Balance Rewards Points which equals $5.00.

Each Walgreens store has its own rules for how many points you can redeem. I advise ordering online when you want to redeem $20.00 or more worth of points. Just in case you missed it Walgreens does sell high-end skincare. You can purchase skincare from Philosophy, Alchimie Forever, FOREO, La Roche-Posay, Vichy, and Boots No.7. I recommend combining purchasing your high-end skincare with your Balance Rewards points when Walgreens has their periodic Buy two get a third free skincare sell.

Ulta Beauty's Ultamate Rewards Program

You shop, you earn points. There are different redeem levels:

  1. 100 points = $3 rewards
  2. 500 points = $17.50
  3. 750 points = $30
  4. 1000 points = $50
  5. 2000 points = $125

There are also different tiers for benefits that give you extra savings like a $10 coupon and a $25 beauty services reward card. Ulta sells both drugstore and luxury products so you may get more savings in the long run shopping here if your goal is to reach one of the higher points levels. You also have a greater range of luxury skincare to choose from, so by reaching that 1000 or 2000 point level you can purchase a luxury item or a couple of high-end items.

Working Ebates and Sephora Rewards Together

Ebates is a rebate program where you earn cash back for online purchases (click my referral link to sign up). Ebates pays out quarterly. Now, you do have the option of receiving actual cashback or receiving a gift card. Depending on how much cashback I am expecting and what promotions Sephora has going on, I will sometimes opt to receive a Sephora gift card as payment. I use this to purchase higher-end skincare items I wouldn't be able to budget in otherwise.

Also, if you are a Sephora Insider you will earn points on your purchase. Being a Sephora Insider gets you special coupons and rewards throughout the year. You can also redeem your points in the Rewards Bazaar. I tend to wait for skincare items to show up so I can redeem my points on them.

These tips seem simple. Truthfully they are. They can also save you a lot of money on some of your fave higher-end and luxury skincare items. You just need to plan, be diligent, and be patient so you can save up those rewards points to use later.

Which store rewards programs are you signed up with and how do you use your points?

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