The Most Liked #MakeupMay Looks to be Featured on #MakeupMondays this June

Hey lovelies!

I counted the likes yesterday and the results are in. The four makeup looks from last month that received the most likes will be featured every Monday in June on the blog. I will either have a video showing how I created the look or a pictorial of the process.

Now if these looks are not to your liking, then you should've liked the ones you did like and got your friends, your momma and 'em, her friends, your nosey neighbor down the street, all them to like your favorite(s). Don't worry these aren't the ones I would have picked either but it was left to the public and I will carry out their wishes.

Some looks I may tweak a bit by fixing flaws I noticed. I might straighten out the brows, put on some lashes, or properly blending, that sort of thing. The looks will still be inherently the same.

Don't forget to check the blog on the dates in the pin-able image above to learn how you can recreate the look.

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