#MakeupMonday Going Over My Final Most Popular Look from #MakeupMay

Good Day, Lovelies!

This is the final post for #MakeupMondays in June! This is the fourth most popular look based upon Instagram likes during #MakeupMay. Unlike the previous posts, I am just going over the look. There is no video for it. I did say this might happen depending upon how I felt. This week my sinusitis and Flo hit me at once. So, ya girl was not feeling it last week. Now let's get on to the lewk.

This Is A No Foundation Makeup Look

I was a teen and young adult in the 90s and I could not find a foundation that looked good on me to save my soul. So like many black women who would not settle for the ashy look, we used bronzer as our base. So I hearkened back to those years just buffed my StarLooks bronzer onto my face. Before I did that I did make use of TooFaced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer. Can I just tell you how much I love this primer. It is the perfect primer to wear if you do not want to wear foundation. It makes your skin look "awake" and refreshed.

Yes, Dear, You Can Still Contour Without Wearing Foundation

I did light contouring with this look. I was not trying to "snatch" my face at all. Quite frankly, I don't really ever try to "snatch" my face. This contour was more about shading and highlighting than sculpting. I used the Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale Beach Goddess Palette for this.

I used the eyeshadow shade, Aruba to lightly contour around my nose and the perimeter of my face. I used the Blush/Bronzer shade Seychelles to slightly emphasize the hollow of my cheeks and hit my forehead with a bit more color. I hit my cheeks with Elf's Rosy Flush Blush Duo and Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Blush in Natural Glow.

Here is something that I do when I go without foundation or concealer. I use eyeshadow that is close to my skin tone as concealer. Find one that is almost an exact match and one that is a couple of shades lighter to highlight.

Creating a Sexy Summer Eye Look

The focus of this makeup look is the eyes, including the brows. I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism (holiday) Palette to create a sexy summer eye look that can be worn both day and night. I boldened my brows using Loreal Paris Brow Stylist Shape and Fill Brow Pencil in Dark Brunette, to emphasize the drama of this look. I finished it off with Ardell Double Wispies Magnetic Lashes.

The shadow application from the ABH Prism Palette goes as follows:

  1. Unity as the base.
  2. Eden as the main lid color.
  3. Saturn transition shade.
  4. Parallel in the crease.
  5. Take a clean eyeshadow blending brush to blend main lid shade and transition shade. Then blend transition shade and crease shade. This creates a fluid transition of color without any harsh separation of color.
  6. Sphinx starting from center lid going outward.
  7. Blend Sphinx in to create a smooth transition of color.
  8. Apply Eternal to lower lashline.
  9. Apply Saturn under Eternal to smoke out the lower lashline.
  10. Apply Sphere on browbone and at the inner corner. This color is used as a base for the shade Pyramid.
  11. Apply Pyramid to browbone and inner corner highlight.
  12. Apply Maybelline Master Precise Skinny Gel Liner in Defining Black to upper lashline and inner corner of the lower lashline.

Keep Lips Nude and Pretty

I will list the nude shades I used. However, nude shades are unique to each person's skin tone. So my nudes are not everyone's nudes. Got it?

I used Elf's Lip Liner in Natural Flush, StarLooks Lipstick in Screen Ready, and BH Cosmetics Rosey Raye Lip Gloss. So the liner was used to lie and fill. Lipstick applied, blotted, and applied once more. The gloss applied in the center of mouth to make a poutier looking mouth.

Always Remember to Finish The Look

I dusted my face with Elf's HD Finishing Powder to set makeup. This powder also gives a soft matte finish that blurs minor imperfections. I dust this powder all over including over my brows and eyes. However, I do not dust over my lips.

So lovelies, Instagram liked this look. But what about you guys? How do you like it?

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