#MakeupMonday for June's Theme

Hey Lovelies!

If you have been following me on Instagram and Facebook (if not, start now because you are missing out on some good stuff), then you should know what I was up to last month. Just in case you missed it, I decided to post different makeup looks each day. Now some were old for Thursdays and some Fridays to give me and my skin a little break. I received some good feedback on the looks.

In June, for the blog, I am doing a #MakeupMonday thing where I will post how I created the most popular looks from last month. I will provide the product details along with a step by step instructions. I may give step by step via video, picture, or in writing. It depends on how I feel. (It just bees that way sometimes)

So be sure to check the blog every Monday in June for #MakeupMonday tutorials on my most popular Instagram looks from May. I will also see if any of the items are sold on Amazon so I can provide you an easy to click affiliate stripe for you to purchase.

If you followed my #MakeupMay posts on Instagram which one or ones where your favorite? Comment below, they might make it to #MakeupMonday this month.

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