#MakeupMonday is All About That Summer Glow

Hey, lovelies!

Summer officially begins this week! So, my third most popular look from my Makeup May Instagram challenge is a good one to welcome the season. This popular look is an easy summer glow that does not require foundation. So you get to glow up without weighing your skin down. Plus, I felt this day glow needed a nighttime companion. I will introduce the evening summer glow later on in the post. Now, are you ready to glow up?

The Summer Day Glow

This look I created for summertime to give people an alternative to wearing layers of makeup to achieve a pretty summer glow. I used primer to keep shine at bay, skipped foundation, and focused on creating a light golden glow with a little smoke at the eye.

The Summer Evening Glow

I didn't need to recreate the day look because I had already made a video for that. However, I still wanted to do something for the post. So, I created a glowy evening look that does include foundation this time and using all drugstore products. In the image below I don't mention the primer as it is from a discontinued drugstore line from Freeman Beauty. In the above image, I give you the product details and the video you can watch how I created this glowy evening look.

I hope these videos and looks inspire you to create some beautiful glowy looks this summer. Don't think you still can't glow at the office. Just tone it down these looks a couple of notches by not using an intense highlighter and sticking with a light nude lip for the day.

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