Inexpensive Ways to Improve the Quality of Your Beauty Visuals

Hey, Lovelies!

This post is a little different from what I tend to write. You know at times I like to teach some things I've picked up over the past year. For this, I want to give you a few tips on how to improve the beauty visuals that you post on social media and your blogs. These are not pro tips, these are more like broke girl hacks stumbled upon along the way.

Make Use Of Natural Lighting

Does the room you film in or take pictures in, get a good amount of natural light filtering through? If yes, make use of this. Spend one day checking the room to see when you get the most light shining through. Once you find out the hours where you get the best lighting make note of it. Then plan your photo and video captures to take place in that room during those hours.

Natural light is the best light to work in. You will see a vast improvement not just in the brightness of your images but the clarity as well. I noticed this after I came home into our new apartment from the nursing home. My room faces an open field where there is nothing obstructing the sunlight. When my mobility improved, I would sit on the side of my bed and turn my face towards that light and was amazed at how good that natural lighting made me look.

Use Your Lighted Vanity and Lighted Makeup Mirror

When we are not filming or taking photos, we tend to sit at our vanities or in front of our makeup mirrors applying our makeup and doing our hair. Many of us who do this have a source of light coming from our vanities and or mirrors. We need that light to see what we are doing to our faces so we don't look cray in these streets.

That same lighting we use to apply our makeup also is a great source of light for pictures and videos. I received a LED Makeup Mirror from MIRRORMORE at a deep discount to test and review. When I turned on the light and saw how bright it was, I decided to place on a pedestal that allowed the mirror to be higher than my webcam. The light from the mirror instantly improved the quality of my video content. It did the same for my pictures. I do a double whammy by having natural light hit me from the front and the LED light from the mirror hit from the side. This again made my images appear more crisp and vibrant.

Buy A Selfie Light

I actually own two selfie lights. They are cheap ones that work fine for me. The first I purchased early last year, it is the Universal Clip on Selfie Light from GTIMES. It comes with a wide-angle lens and a fish-eye lens. I've used it on my tablet and laptop. It is USB chargeable and lasts about 15 to 25 minutes on the brightest setting. Oh yeah, I forget to mention it has three brightness settings.

My second selfie light I received at a deep discount from Tolifo. This selfie light was purchased at a discount. It also has a USB charge along with different brightness settings. This selfie light is brighter than the first one I purchased and has a 40-minute power life. I use both while filming. Once one loses power, I change it out which allows me to continue recording with great lighting.

I hope these tips can help your visual content a but. You still won't be at pro level with these hacks. However, you will be able to create visual content that is bright and clear showing off detail.

**Disclaimer -- The makeup mirror and Tolifo selfie light were offered to me at a deep discount to post on social media. All experiences and statements are my own.**

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