Choosing the Right Fabrics to Wear This Summer is Important

Hi, Lovelies!

Last week, I discussed which colors will keep you cooler and more protected for summer. This time around I will touch on which fabrics work better to you cool and protected from the summer sun. Don't worry, I am not going to steer you towards any luxury fabrics that you can't afford. These fabrics can be found at every price point.

It Begins with Fiber Choice

One thing I need to get you lovelies caught up on is knowing the difference between a fiber and a fabric. Fibers are what fabrics are made from. Cotton, linen, silk, wool, polyester, nylon, rayon, etc., are fibers. Now we often call fabrics by their fiber content name. However ever, there is no such thing as a fabric called cotton, wool, silk, well you get the picture.

Certain fibers are better suited for warm weather than others. Natural fibers like cotton, silk, and linen are best for summer because they naturally wick moisture away from the body helping to keep you cooler. However, these fibers can become saturated if they absorb too much moisture. An over saturated fiber will no longer keep you cool. Yet, these natural fibers are still your best choices.

Fabric Matters for Summer Comfort

Which fabrics work best for summer depends on first the fiber used to make the fabric and then the weave of the fabric. A simple plain weave fabric (yarns are woven together in straight vertical and horizontal lines) in a natural fiber will help keep you comfortable in the summer. The denser the weave the heavier and less comfortable it may be.

Plain weave fabrics that have loose to moderate weave spacing are the coolest to wear as they will allow more air to pass through. Dense weaves like twill can still be worn, but they will not be as comfortable to wear, and they will be heavier. Knits can be cool if they have little to no synthetic fibers in them.

Save Animal Skins for Accessories

I am not going to get into a discussion over the ethical aspect of wearing animal skins. This section is just going over why they are not your best options for garments in the summer. Since animal skins are skin, they have no weave to them. As such there are no open spaces between interlocking yarns for air to pass through. What animal skins will do is trap your body's heat making you hotter. So, save those skins for accessories this summer.

If you want more information on dressing cooler for summer, click here.

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