How to Get You Ready for Summer from Head to Toe Fast and on a Budget

Hey, Lovelies!

Moving along with this getting ready for summer series, now it is time to get summer beautified. There is a lot you can do in these few weeks before summer begins. The best part is you don't need to spend an arm and a leg to do so.

Get Hair Ready for those Scorching Summer Days

Not everyone has to think about making sure their hair survives the summer heat and humidity intact. If you are like me, you might have to worry about the sun frying your hair on scorching hot and dry days. The next week you have to worry about fighting frizz on those hot and humid days.

Really, the key to both is keeping hair adequately conditioned and those cuticles sealed. This means:

  • Applying a pre-poo before shampooing. A simple hot oil treatment at least twice a week will do.
  • Shampooing with a product that does not strip hair of moisture -- think sulfate-free.
  • Using daily conditioner that does the work of a deep conditioner like Aussie's 3-Minute Miracle.
  • Once a week applying a cholesterol or protein treatment to hair depending on if you need strengthen (protein) or mainly restore moisture (cholesterol).
  • After conditioning give hair a cool water rinse to flatten and close the hair cuticle.
  • Use a heat protectant if you heat style.
  • Apply a shine or frizz serum to hair once dried to add one more layer of protection against the heat and humidity.
  • Once a month give hair an ACV (apple cider vinegar) rinse

Keep Skin Moisturized and Protected

Start prepping your skin for summer right now. Begin by getting in the habit of exfoliating both your face and body (except your genital area) once a week. Apply a bath oil or in shower moisturizer to body while skin is still wet to moisturize and lock in moisture from your bath or shower. If you suffer from dry skin or want to use a perfumed lotion, apply a body lotion or cream after your skin dry. For face apply a light moisturizer that is made for you skin type. Above all else apply an SPF of 45 or more every two hours. Yes, every two hours because sunscreen does not actively protect your skin all day with just one application.

Your Feet Require Attention Too

If your feet feel and look rough around the edges, then smooth them out. Slough off those callouses and dead skin until your feet are smooth. Keep them moisturized by applying lotion and sunscreen during the day and a heavy foot cream at night. Treat your feet a weekly mask just as you would your face to keep callouses at bay and to refine the skin.

Lighten your Makeup Load

Lighten the load when it comes to makeup during the summer. I know some of us like to have a full beat. That is great if you are going to be in a cool climate. If you plan on swimming or just being out in the sun for hours, you need to lighten the load.

  • Try using multitasking face products like tinted BB creams, tinted primers, or tinted moisturizers.
  • Apply concealer where you need it and then use powder foundation or bronzer to give color to your face.
  • Try only highlighting instead of contouring for the summer to limit the amount of face products used. 
  • Always use a waterproof mascara and liner.
  • Skip blush if contouring and bronzing. Or apply blush and skip contouring.
  • Use a setting spray that is made to withstand rainforest humidity.

These are quick tips to get you ready for summer. You can find products that will help you at the drugstore, grocery store, Walmart, Target, Kohl's, on Amazon, and other places at affordable prices. Looking good for summer does not require a fortune.

Now lovelies, tell me how you prepare yourself for summer?

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