2 Ways to Rock the 2018 Color of the Year for Spring

Hey Lovelies!

In case you missed it, the Pantone Color of the Year 2018 is Ultra Violet. It is a highly pigmented purple with a strong blue undertone. It is a cool shade. However, don't let that stop you from wearing it if you have warm undertones in your skin. This spring I want to give you a little Ultra Violet inspiration. In this post I will show two beauty looks that utilize this shade with its companions for a day and evening look. My next post will show you how to rock this color in your wardrobe. For now, let's get to the makeup!

Ultra Violet Days

Neutral Palette

Since Ultra Violet is such an intense shade you need to be careful with it when wearing it at the office. You want to make this tone appear as neutral as possible. Remember Neutral does not mean earth tones, natural hues, nudes. Neutral tones do include pigmented colors in them but they are colors that are standards like Navy, Hunter Green, Brick Red, Deep Plum, etc. Keeping this mind when wearing Ultra Violet stick with shades that are neutral tones.

The Work-Friendly Look

I chose to pair Ultra Violet with Pink Lavender, Blooming Dahlia, and Emperador for the eyes. The pale and warm pink shades I chose along with my warmer skin tone helped to neutralize the Ultra Violet shade. For women of color, the natural warmth of our melanin tones down brighter colors allowing us to wear more color at the office without it looking overdone.

I wanted a little pop on the cheeks so I chose Blooming Dahlia with no highlighter or contouring. I opted not to wear foundation for the day look and just concealer where needed. For lips I went dark using Chili Oil as my base with Ultra Violet to darken it and give the lips dimension.

Check out the video here to watch this look come together:

Ultra Violet Nights

Endless Possibilities at Night

For the evening, you can go as bright, as dark, as anything you want with this color palette. Since I created this look at the start of Festival season, I chose to go kind of Unicorn bright with the eye makeup with multidimensional candied lip.

An Ultra Violet Party Look

For my eyes, I wanted a fun rainbow of colors present. Therefore I used Ultra Violet, Little Boy Blue, Blooming Dahlia, Pink Lavender, Harbor Mist, Coconut Milk, and Arcadia. I chose a mix of matte and shimmer versions of these shades. I wore a bold brow with this look as well. With such bright and strong colors you need a bold brow to compete.

I did contour and highlight. I figure Festival season is about glowing skin with a nice bronze to it. So I used bronzer to give me a tan-like chisel to my face and a Pink Lavender highlight that is really glowy. I chose a deeper Blooming Dahlia shade for my cheeks as the look can handle a bolder blush.

For lips I really laid it on heavy. I started with a Cherry Tomato lip liner and gloss. I then layered a Spring Crocus shade over top. Next, I added a pearly Pink Lavender gloss in the middle and patted on the Pink Lavender highlighter over it. The result was a glossy, gradient red to pink lip.

Watch how I created this look:

There are tons of possibilities with this spring palette. Don't worry if you do not own an ultra violet shade, chances are are you have most of the spring color palette in your beauty arsenal. However, if you happen to have a pure blue or dark blue and a standard purple shade you can layer the two together to create Ultra Violet. Just be sure to layer the purple over the blue since Ultra Violet is a blue-based purple.

So lovelies, are these spring colors giving you any ideas for new makeup looks to try out this season? If so post the link to your look in the comments or post a picture of your look on the Fashion's Sense Facebook page.

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