It's Spring Cleansing Time for Your Skincare Routine

Hey Lovelies!

Last week, I briefly touched on how nutrition and exercise help improve your skin. I even gave examples from my own recent experiences that reminded me of this. In this post, we are starting with the topical stuff. Your cleansing routine is the next most important skincare maintenance you can do for yourself. Taking extra care to thoroughly cleanse your face will greatly improve your skin’s clarity. Now sit back with a cup or tea, coffee, or glass of wine because this is lengthy but informative post.

Cleansing Goes Beyond Face Washes

If you were blessed with clear skin in your teens and early twenties then you probably have been lax when it comes to your face cleansing. For those of us who have suffered with acne we know the importance of always washing our faces in the morning, and at night. Sometime midday if we sweat too much. We always remembered to wash off makeup because Lord knows we did not need more things clogging our pores. However, what if I told you that even if you were good about washing your face, you still may be doing it wrong?

It is true that as we get older our skin loses moisture, so we can't use harsh face washes anymore. However, some of those gentler cleansers you are using might not be getting your face very clean. This is why I am an advocate of double cleansing. But it is more than that. I have gotten back to my old way of cleansing and it involves more than just face washes.

First Cleanse

This is a daily cleanse that should happen in the morning and evening. You should use a creamier or oil-based cleanser. The lipids or fats found in these types of cleansers break down makeup, left over face products sitting on your skin, and remove the surface layer of dirt and debris. The first cleanse primes your skin for the second cleansing that gets down deeper to unclog pores.

Products I Recommend: Dermalogica PreCleanse; Noxzema Cream Cleanser; Pond's Cold Cream (perhaps the best makeup remover of all time); any facial cleansing wipe; Micellar Water (if you are away from home or short on time)


This step does not need to happen every day. In fact, I do not recommend daily exfoliation. However, there are some daily cleansers that have exfoliating beads in them and I've found them safe for daily use. I exfoliate twice a week. For our skin, I prefer enzyme exfoliants that utilize fruit enzymes to breakdown and dissolve dead skin gently for a smoother appearance and tone. You can also use sugar, powder, and microsphere manual exfoliants. These types are gentle and do not create little tears in the skin.

Exfoliants that contain grounded up seeds and bark are a bit too harsh for aging skin. The tiny tears they can create will not heal as quickly on our maturing skin as they do for a teen or twentysomething. The result is pitting in the skin. If you are seeing shallow pitting on your face, look at what you are using to exfoliate, that could be one of the reasons.

Products I Recommend: Exfolikate; REN Flash Rinse 1-Minute Facial; OZ Naturals Ancient Orient Bamboo Dermafoliant

Second Cleansing

I place exfoliants before second cleansing because this is how I cleanse my skin. I exfoliate after the first cleansing. I do this because the exfoliating process provides an intermediary cleansing by removing dead skin cells and removes any dirt or debris clinging to that old layer of skin. When I do my second cleansing it helps to remove more of the dead skin that rinsing left behind. Sometimes that rinse off does not remove everything.

On the days that I don't exfoliate, the second cleansing gets rid of the rest of the pore clogging dirt that the first cleansing could not remove. I like using cleansers that treat the skin as well. Whether it be providing acne protection, light exfoliation, skin tone correction, etc., the second cleansing always serves as a double duty cleansing for me.

Products I Recommend: AcneFree Purifying Cleanser; L’OrĂ©al Skin Brightening Daily Cleanser (contains microbeads); Peter Thomas Roth ANTI-AGING CLEANSING Gel (contains glycolic and salicylic acids); FARMACY New Day Cleanser (powder cleanser).


Facial masks are a weekly treatment for the skin that are formulated in a variety of ways to help different skin needs. I use a mask three times a week because I use different types. I use two anti-aging masks and one for acne treatment.

  • Once a week I use one anti-aging mask to firm and purify.
  • On a different day -- still once a week -- I will use a hydrating mask that helps make my skin look plumper thus, diminishing the appearance of fine lines.
  • Once a week, I will use a homemade charcoal mask with green tea, peppermint oil, and lavender oil to help purify my skin to prevent breakouts.
  • Every once in a while, I will try out a sheet mask. If you are the type who doesn't have much time on their hands, sheet masks may be perfect for you because many multitask as serums that don't need to be rinsed off, combining two steps in one.

If your skin is dry, look for moisture masks to help keep your skin hydrated while it tones and removes impurities. If you have oily skin or skin that needs firming, a clay mask is always a good choice for those issues. Charcoal masks a great for those us who have adult acne.

Products I Recommend: Geneva Naturals Anti-Aging Purifying Mask; Valentia Hydrating Plumping Mask; Fresh Rose Mask; The Body Shop British Rose Mask; The Body Shop Charcoal Mask.


Toner is the last step in cleansing. This step removes the last bit of debris from your skin and helps get your skin ready for the next step in your routine. Some toners help provide extra hydration for dry skin, some control oil production, while others help to refine pores for a smoother looking complexion.

You can find toners that are the mist-and-go variety, which is good to use. However, spray a cotton ball with the toner and smooth over your face just to make sure you have thoroughly cleansed it. You will still get the same effect as misting your face with the toner just with the added benefit of making sure your face is clean.

Products I Recommend: Dickenson's With Hazel; Mario Badescu Toner; AcneFree Toner.

I bet you thought of cleansing as simply washing your face once and heading out the door? All this information sounds like a lot. However, it takes very little time. My routine is more involved than many however, you can exfoliate and mask once a week on the weekend (or your day off). Your most involved part of your daily cleansing will be the first cleansing at night because you will need to remove makeup. Really your daily morning cleansing will take you about five minutes tops. Add an extra fifteen to twenty minutes when you must exfoliate and apply a face mask. Just take time out for your skin. You will be happy with the results.

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