Creating the "No-Makeup" (Full Face) Makeup Look

Hey there, lovelies!

I hope this spring day is treating you well. I've been on a makeup kick lately. Doing a full face around three to four times a week. I do this because I want to show that you do not need to be a makeup artist to create a makeup look that suits your face and personal tastes. One makeup look that I often create is the no-makeup, makeup look.

For this look, I typically use a few products such as a tinted moisturizer/primer/BB cream, concealer, brow pencil or powder (not both), mascara, lip and cheek tint, and finishing powder to set and control shine. I've never tried creating a no-makeup look using the amount of makeup I would use for a full face. So, on Friday, I decided to test my skills and go for it. I am satisfied with the results. I could use more practice, but I did good for my first attempt.

No-Makeup, Makeup is Subjective

Let me start out now by addressing the fact that in the 21st century makeup is subjective. Everybody has their own way of doing makeup and the rules of old no longer apply, in general. This even applies to no-makeup, makeup. My definition pretty much follows the old standard for the look. For me, I need to be on the fence if you are wearing makeup or not. It shouldn't be obvious to me.

No-makeup, makeup on my face means I must allow my flaws to be seen -- just a little. I allow my hyperpigmentation to peak through foundation. I do not completely conceal dark undereye circles, my contour and highlight are soft and natural looking.

My Before Picture

I posted my before picture on Instagram (feel free to click that follow button) focusing on the skincare to show I did not apply any makeup to my face. For this no-makeup, makeup look to work, you do need to start with good skin. I said good, not perfect. If you follow a sound skincare regimen, your skin will look healthy, be clear of blemishes, and will have its own natural glow. This is your true base for a good no-makeup, makeup look.

My Basic No-Makeup Process

Here I will summarize what I did to create my look.


  • Prime
  • Color correct if needed
  • Apply foundation with a light hand. Then build coverage where needed. Apply concealer where needed.
  • Contour (this includes the use of non-glow highlight products). Make sure to buff contour into skin to make it soft and more skin-like.
  • Apply setting powder to set base and contour.

Brows & Eyes

  • Lightly fill in brows with a pencil or powder (thee give the most natural-looking results).
  • Apply eyeshadow that mimic the colors found on and around the lid.
  • Use a nude brown (I mean nude for you) shadow to smudge at the lower lash line. Use pinky finger to remove excess shadow.
  • Apply ONE coat of mascara to upper and lower lashes.


  • Lightly apply a cream blush or cheek tint that matches your natural flush. Blend using fingers or a dry beauty sponge.
  • Lightly apply a pale highlighter that has a soft glow to it. Make sure to choose one that compliments your skin's natural highlight.

Lips & Set Makeup

  • Line and fill in lips with a pencil that closely matches your natural lip color or choose a nude that matches your skin.
  • Apply a soft sheen gloss to lips.
  • Finish with light dusting of finishing powder to soften any areas that might appear too colorful.
  • Use setting spray if needed.

Whew! Sounds like a whole lot just to look like you are not wearing makeup, doesn't it? In my opinion, it is a whole lot. I wanted to try and see if I could do what the great Makeup Artists do. I am not going to do this anymore in the near future. For now, at least, I am sticking to my minimal routine for creating a no-makeup look. Now I must take all of this off!

Let me know what you think about this look and the process. You can be honest. I'm a big girl and can take it. I just ask that you be respectful with your comments and I will do the same.

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