April's Theme Reveal and Other Happenings

Hey there, Lovelies!

Well it is the first day of April. This year that means three things: April Fool's Day, Resurrection Sunday (Easter for many), and the blog theme reveal for April. Now I am not going to pull any April's Fools prank on you. The blog is not posting any ham dinner recipes in this post either. What I am going to do is give a couple of updates and let you know what to expect on the blog this month.

Fashion's Sense Is Not Participating in the A to Z Challenge in 2018

This blog has participated in the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge for a few years now. While I do like the rush of creative posts each April, I simply do not have the time to devote to daily blogging. I am still getting my health in order. Plus, I am on a weight loss journey that most likely will include surgery if I am a good candidate for it. This means A to Z is out this year and possibly next year depending on how things progress with my health.

Health Progression

I don't think I've mentioned this before, but I do have high blood pressure. I thought it was moderate, but it seems as if it was severe plus I have rapid pulse (typically stays in the low 100s). I have been taking 100MG of Metoprolol/Lopressor for a few months now. This medication seems to be doing the trick. My blood pressure readings have been normal, and my pulse has remained in the 80s and 70s.

Between physical therapy, diet, and exercise, I am still losing weight. I am not going to reveal how much I have lost until I decide on a goal weight for myself. That is hard for me because I have never been average weight. I have no clue what weight will make me look "normal" and not emaciated. I can say that I have dropped over a hundred pounds so far.

April Theme Reveal

Now on to the good stuff. I am guessing the main image for this post gave you a clue about this month's theme. I am focusing on skincare for my generation, Generation X. April will discuss the following topics to help us Gen X-ers out:

  1. Internal Skincare - How nutrition and our overall health affects our skin and how we can give our skin it's best chance to stay looking healthy and sexy.
  2. Cleansing – I will discuss an ideal skincare routine for cleansing your face. Plus, I will give product suggestions.
  3. Serums and Face Oils - If you are 35 and over and are not using a face serum, you are doing your face a great disservice. I will use myself as an example of how face serums can improve your complexion. This segment will touch on how facial oils are a good substitute for serums for those who don’t like the feel of serums.
  4. Moisturizers - I will discuss which formula or texture of moisturizer is ideal for different skin types. Also give tips on the proper way to moisturize the face and neck.

Now you are caught up with my life a bit and you know what to expect this month. While this month is dedicated to my generation, there are skincare lessons to be learned for all this month. As always, feel free to leave any questions you may have about the topics for this month in the comment section of each post or PM the Fashion's Sense Facebook Page if you want to remain anonymous.

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