Weight Loss Clothes Shopping Basics

Hey Lovelies!

In case you missed the first post for March or just didn't feel like hearing about my personal woes, here is what's up: March is all about clothes shopping and altering while you are losing a ton of weight. Please do not be offended because I say ton of weight. I use the word ton because this is about needing to alter clothing and clothes shop if you are losing a few hundred pounds or more. If you are losing less than that these tips can help you as well. Right now, let’s just cover a few basics to get us started.

Function Must Trump Style

I can hear the groans and eye rolling already. I am serious about this. Unless you have money to purchase a new wardrobe every month until you reach your goal weight, you might want to pay attention to this one. Purchase clothing that you can still wear should you go down about five dress sizes within six months to a year.

You need clothing that will last you at least a fashion season. This way you don't go broke every month. You also prevent embarrassing yourself because your pants started slipping off your butt in public or worse, at work.

Adjustable Waist Pants and Skirts Are Your Friends

Drawstring pants and skirts are lifesavers as you lose weight. Please do not think you have to wear sweat pants. Plenty of plain weave and knit fabric bottoms come with drawstring waists. Find ones that have the drawstring facing your body, if possible. They are easy to hide. If not, you can always tuck the drawstring inside your waistband and call it a day. I suggest purchasing drawstrings bottoms that can be worn to work, on the weekend, and to different activities you attend. This way you have something for everywhere you need or want to go.

Be Thrifty With Tops and Dresses

Bargain shop for tops and dresses. Don't spend a lot of money on any of your transitional clothing but be particularly thrifty when it comes to tops and dresses because these will require the most adjusting and accessories to help with the adjustments.

Stay away from prints. You don't want a print to be ruined because you need to cinch the waist of the dress to make it look less like a bag on you. Stick with solid colors and knits. You can purchase plain or twill weave tops and dresses, but they tend to be just as unforgiving for weight loss as they are for weight gain. Soft knits flow easier and can be molded a bit to your form as you lose weight.

Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize!

Accessories are the key to making your weight loss clothing basics go the distance. Be creative and even be a little quirky just for fun. Belts are the obvious choice. They will hold up pants, shorts, and skirts. They can cinch in the waist of tops and dresses. Scarves also serve the same function as belts if you can find some long enough to go around your waist.

Main Image Credit: Target

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