March Madness and Other Crazy Things I Need To Get Off My Chest

Hey Lovelies!

I have a lot to say in this first post for March. While March Madness is used for something related to basketball or some sport that I care little about, my March Madness has to deal with clothing. Clothing as it relates to weight loss, that is. First let me tell you what I've been through the past 30 or so days.

Discharge Relief and Distress

I was discharged from the nursing facility I was in at the end of January. Of course, I was relieved to be finally home and in the new apartment. My doctor already had my home nurse and home physical therapy set up for me. The biggest headache came from getting my prescriptions.

Typically, upon discharge from a nursing home, the facility makes sure your prescriptions are sent to your local pharmacy of choice. This did not happen for me. For the better part of a week the facility passed the buck around. Finally, we were able to reach my doctor and she called the scripts in within an hour.

Physical Therapy

I actually like physical therapy. I don't mind pushing my body. I need to because I want to walk again and be active once more. I have to say my muscles and joints cursed my fat behind out! I was sore and achy each time I had to press myself a little further. The end goal is for me to be fully able to stand and walk without the aid of a wheelchair or walker. I still have some ways to go but I think by the time my birthday rolls around, 41 will see me walking, marching, and maybe even jogging.

Weight Loss

I am still losing weight. My weight loss is a mixture of two things, losing actual fat and my body releasing lymphatic fluid that it likes to collect and store in my lower body. The lymphedema therapist I saw at the nursing facility figured that only half of my total weight was actually from bone, muscle, tissue, and fat. She said it was safe to bet the other half is lymphatic fluid. I need to have it managed because I will be dealing with for life.

As far as diet goes I had to change my game plan. I originally was striving to go a more vegetarian route. However, I have been instructed to do a very low carb diet and eat mostly animal protein and veggies that do not have a lot carbs. I used to think eating less meat would be hard, but this carb thing is going to be a huge test. I am a potato, rice, and pasta woman. Cutting those back until the weekend is going to be tough. I can do away with most bread because it is hard to find good freshly baked breads where I live. Pray that I am able to not eat potatoes and pasta during the week.

Clothes Shopping

Now for the fun and frustrating part. I need to do some major clothes shopping. I'm not going to focus on trendy or fashion forward clothing. I am still losing weight so that would end up being a huge waste of money. I am going to try and find cheap basics to get me by for a while and style them for the longer haul.

That brings me to the theme for the blog this month. Finding clothing to wear while you are working on losing a ton of weight. If you are on a weight loss journey that is causing you to have to do frequent clothes shopping this month Fashion's Sense can help with that. We can journey together as try to navigate this transitional wardrobe change.

If you have any specific weight loss clothes shopping topics you want addressed or tips you want to share, please do so in the comments below or private message the Facebook Page.

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