Making Tops and Dresses Fit You While You Lose Weight Part I

Hey Lovelies!

Last post I gave an overview of some basic weight loss clothing tips. In this post I am going into more detail concerning how to make some of your existing tops and dresses last a bit longer as you lose weight. I will also give you a quick video to show you some alterations you can do with just a decorative pin or brooch.

Try to Work with What You Already Own

If you have tops or dresses that you can still fit but they are noticeably looser on you, keep them. However, if you have tops or dresses that you are practically swimming in, donate them to charity, give them to someone, or trash them. Be realistic about which items to keep and which to get rid of. I know sometimes we spend a lot of money items or we really like an article of clothing. But honey, if it no longer fits, get rid of it!

How to Make Old Tank Tops and Tank Dresses Work with Your Weight Loss

Are your tank tops and tank dresses starting to migrate off your shoulders? If so, there are a few things you can do to hang on to these clothing items.

  • One easy trick is to crisscross the straps of your tank over your head. This gives your tank a new neckline in the front and back making it look like a new garment. If the front gap is a little too much for your liking, then close the gap by folding it and pin a brooch there to hold the fold in place.
  • My next tank top/tank dress trick is to just cross one strap over your head to the opposite side. This changes your tank into a one shoulder top. Again, there will be a gap. I do recommend using a brooch or pin to close the gap. You can either fold towards your armhole or towards your center front. Personally, because I still have big flabby upper arms, I prefer to fold towards center front, so the pin and my arms do not touch. The choice is yours, pinning the fold in either direction works.
  • The last tip for tanks that I have for you is tad more complicated. It involves twisting the straps in front then taking a scarf or strong braided cord and tying it at the base of your neck, wrapping the cord or scarf around the twist and tying it off at the bottom of the twist. Then you can choose to either leave the gap open and be flirty with it or close it with a brooch or pin. This one takes practice, so you might need to try it out on one of your really big tanks first.

This post focused primarily on how to change the styling of your tank tops and tank dresses as you lose weight. In part two, I will give you tips on how to make one fashion accessory work harder for you to give your loose tops and dresses a better fit and style change.

Main Image Credit: Target

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