Making Your Current Pants and Skirts Work with Your Weight Loss

Hey there, Lovelies!

So, I gave you styling tips for tops and dresses. Now let's discuss how to make those pants, shorts, and skirts work with your weight loss a little while longer. This may require some sewing skills depending on the type of waistband we are working with. If you do not know how to sew then skip over those parts and go with what you know you can do. Let's begin!

For Those Who Sew

If you know how to sew and use various sewing tools then you have the most options available to you. I am not going into detail on the techniques. However, if any of you lovelies are interested, I may do so at a much later date.

Make belt loops for pants and skirts that do not have them. I would say make sure your finished loops can allow for a belt that is at least an inch wide but no more than two inches wide if your waist band is wide enough to accommodate.

Create your own decorative drawstring waist for knit or stretch pants and skirts. You can do this using two methods which depend on the type of fabric your bottoms are made from and whether your waistband was made using a stabilizer.
  • If your bottoms are made from a medium to heavy-weight fabric without an elastic waistband, then make grommets in the waistband. Then you can loop lacing or ribbon through the loops creating your drawstring waist.
  • Another method is to make button holes, about half inch wide, spaced evenly along the waistband. As with the grommets, just thread decorative string or ribbon through the buttonholes to create the drawstring.

Suspenders Are an Easy No-Sew Method

Maybe it is time to bring suspenders back in style. They sure will help to keep your pants and skirts up as you lose weight. You can make a fashion statement with them or hide them under a top. Just make sure to wear an undershirt or camisole if you choose to hide your suspenders.

If All Else Fails, Go Shopping

Again, if all of this seems like tew damn much for you, just buy skirts and pants with belt loops or drawstring waists. This will eliminate the work. Plus, you have new items to last you for a few more months.

This is the end for my wardrobe tips during your weight loss journey. You know what types of clothes to buy if you can afford to buy more clothing. If you are on a budget, you have some tricks to use to make your existing clothing last a bit longer. I hope you liked this series. I probably will have more to add to it throughout my own weight loss journey as I discover things as well.

Main Image: Courtesy of Target

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