How to Go 6 Months Without Washing Your Hair and Still See Healthy Growth

Hey Lovelies!

Remember when I let it slip that while in the nursing I did not wash my type 4C hair? I know some of you went to the Instagram account for the blog and looked through my pictures trying to figure out how my hair did not look a dingy, undefined, mess. Well it wasn't hard. If you find yourself hospitalized or sent to a rehabilitation facility for wellness you could be in a similar situation. Let me tell you naturalistas how I did it.

I Last Washed My Hair July 2017

Yes, the month before I went into the nursing was the last time I washed my hair. Since being home, I have washed my hair, but I went six months -- August 2017 through January 2018 -- without having washed my hair. My hair did not get gunky, my scalp was not clogged, and my hair grew.

I Stayed Away from Styling Products

Hold up that is a lie. I did use Cantu's detangling spray when I need help with knots. Other than that, I did not use styling products on my hair. This prevented my hair from having a ton of product buildup to deal with.

I Oiled My Hair and Scalp Frequently

I took my oil blend with me to the nursing home. Every other day I lightly oiled my scalp and massaged it to prevent dandruff buildup and to stimulate blood flow for hair growth. I applied oil to my hair daily.

I did not go overboard with oil on my hair. I used an eye dropper full of oil to smooth around my edges. Another eye dropper full to smooth through my hair. This kept my hair moisturized. If I wore a protective style, then I smoothed the oil over my style.

I Wore Protective Styles

Protective styles don't just protect your hair from daily styling, it also protects your hair from getting dust and debris in it that could be hard to remove. If I wore twists or braids and a piece of lint attached to them, it was easy to remove that lint.

I Took My Time to Detangle

Each time I would use a protect style for my hair, I would detangle my hair first. This is a long process that takes patience. I would separate my hair using my fingers to remove knots and make it easy to smooth with hands, so I could twist or braid it with ease. I had my comb with me, but I never used it. I solely finger styled and finger combed my hair. Since I kept protective styles in for several days and sometimes over a week or more, I did not detangle that often.

My Unwashed Hair January 2018

If you find yourself in a position where you cannot wash your hair try to keep your hair routine simple. I oiled my hair and scalp often, kept my hair in protective styles most of the time (I did give my scalp a break and let my hair be free between styles for a few days), and I made sure to detangle my hair. Everyone is different and has different hair needs. If you keep things simple, your hair can still be healthy and continue to grow even if you can' wash your hair for a few months.

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