Turn Your Protective Styles into Awesome Stretched Out Curls and Coils

Hey Lovelies!

I come to you this fine day to speak a word about your natural hair! Now brothers and sisters I know this is the season of dry tresses that you keep protected to minimize the effects the cold dry air wrecks on it. Let me tell you there is hope for a free fro'in style during this harsh winter. I said there is hope! Can I get an extra virgin olive oil?

Y'all don't hear me! There is hope I tell you! It comes when it is time to remove those braids and twists that have been protecting your hair. Are you ready for a great twist out? Are you ready for an awesome braid out? CantusheamoistureasIamkinkycurlydevacurlcoconutoil!

Let be serious with y'all because our hair is serious business...

I know many of us wait to undo our braids and twists until wash day or the day we go to see the salon or the girl who hooks us up from around the way. When you do that, you are missing out on a new style opportunity. Undo those braids and twists a few days before your next appointment or wash day. Before you do, there is a method to this madness I speak of.

Oil and massage your scalp first. This is best especially for those who oil their scalp frequently during the week. Once you try oiling and massaging when your hair is freed, you disrupt the curl/coil definition. Plus, once your hair is freed, you probably won't need to oil it again you go to your next hair appointment or wash it.

Always undo your braids and twists from the bottom and unraveling as you go up. This seems obvious. However, some people try undoing braids and twists from middle or even the root and wonder why their hair looks an undefined mess when they are finished.

Gently finger style your hair. I have to say gently because some people will go in with a wide tooth comb or use their fingers and rake through those beautiful defined curls and coils creating a frizzy mess. Style using your thumb and index finger to carefully move your hair into the style you want.

Now take a few drops of your favorite hair oil, rub it between your palms, and gently smooth it over your hair. This gives your hair added shine plus a little of moisturizing. You are all set to go.

You must be patient when doing all of this. Undoing those braids and twits takes time. Styling your hair afterwards takes time as well. So, I suggest doing this while binge watching a film series or catching up on a few TV shows you fell behind on.

Just to give you doubting Thomas’s a point of reference to see how great your hair will look check out my own hair freed from protective braids and twists.

Protective Braid Outs

second-day braid out

Protective Twist Outs

fourth-day protective twist out

**A tip that has worked for my own hair. I can usually get up to four-day hair when it comes to normal braid outs and twist outs. I still get the same amount of days after undoing protective styles because I have strong shrinkage. So, I suggest undoing your protective style based upon how long a braid out or twist out normally lasts for you. **

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