Why I Do Not Wash and Go

Hey Lovelies! 

I have some good news! I will be going home in another week or so! While I can't wait to be back home to have control over my own scheduling for health appointments, I am most excited about one thing. I FINALLY get to wash my hair! However, once home, I will not be doing any wash and go's.

Wash and go styling is not for me. Even though my hair does have a defined coily curl pattern, it doesn't like having styling products applied to it while it is wet or damp. In order for wash and go styles to be successful you need to apply some type of styling product to your wet hair to help hold the curl pattern and give shine.

My low porosity hair rebukes gel, and any other curl-enhancing styler made for use on wet hair. I need to apply a significant amount of product for hold. Unfortunately, my hair does not absorb moisture or product quickly. As a result, I am left with a white film on my freshly washed hair.

I am sorry naturalistas, I am not washing away product buildup just to have my hair look like I have a year's worth of buildup on it a few hours later. So, I will continue as I have once I get home. Wash my hair, blot it, section it off, and let it air dry, then set it some kind of way (probably in braids or twists).

I do have a game plan because I have not washed my hair since July of last year. Just stay here with me a little longer before you go to my Instagram and Facebook Page looking through my pics trying to figure out how you missed that. Here is the game plan for my first wash day back home:

I will probably keep the braids or twists in for a few days before undoing them. The braid or twist out should give me at least four days of stretched out curls before my natural coils reclaim the situation and go wild and free.

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