Protective Hairstyles Are Essential When In Short- /Long-Term Nursing Care

Hey lovelies! If you've been following the blog or my other blog Between Sunshine and Rain, you will know that I am in a nursing home facility for physical rehabilitation. Sometimes during a stay at a nursing facility, you may need to hospitalize for one reason or another. This can throw a monkey wrench into your beauty upkeep if you have natural afro-textured hair. This when wearing protective styles can help.

I was hospitalized at the beginning of October due to cellulitis. The last two days of September I had styled my hair into several twists for easy upkeep for that coming week. Little did I know how much that protective style was going to come in handy.

It's hard to reach around and style your hair the way you need to when you are hooked up to an I.V. It could take a day or two for family to bring you the tools you need to style your hair. If your family is like mine, they don't know what to do with natural hair anyway. So, you could be stuck at the hospital with a knotted, matted mess that will take you a long time to detangle once you return to the nursing facility.

Here are some easy protective styles you can do on hair while in a nursing home facility to make sure your hair does not look a complete mess should the unforeseen hospital stay happen:

Twists: Two-strand or Three-strand twists

Me waiting to go to the hospital with protective style in place.

Flat Twist: You can do a series of these going across or from back to front. Or my go-to, two crown flat twists secured at the nape.

An old picture of my go-to crown flat twist protective style.

Plaits: You can also plait your hair. You can go thicker if your hair is long. If your hair is medium length or shorter then you should go for thinner plaits.

My hair in thin plaits or braids in a side swept style.

Other than the flat twists, the plaits and twists can also be restyled without undoing them. Check out this video showing four easy ways to update these styles:

Of course, if you have the money and can fit in the time, you can have a professional braided protective style. However, nursing home facilities tend to have staff coming in and out that would interrupt the process, so plan accordingly.

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