Adjusting Your Skincare Routine While in the Hospital or a Nursing Care Facility

Hey lovelies! As many of you loyal readers know, I am in a nursing home receiving medical care and physical rehab. Just because I am in a nursing facility does not mean that I neglect my skincare needs. Unfortunately, I can't follow my usual morning and evening routines as I can only have a limited number of items here with me due to space constraints. The adjustments I have made, are serving me well and they may help others in a similar situation as well.

Which Cleansers Are Nursing Home and Hospital Adaptable?

If I were at home I would be switching between different types of cleansers based on different needs. At the nursing home I need to pare down what I use to three products at best.

Cleansing Wipes: These will be your best friend. Not only are they something easy to use, store and dispose of, they serve as a great first cleanse. I am a fan of double cleansing, so I am able to maintain this using cleansing wipes. I am not brand loyal, I get what is on sale, but I tend to stick with sensitive formulas.

A Treatment Cleanser: I am not specifying what type of treatment because that depends on your skin needs. It could be a cleanser that helps relieve dryness, one that helps gently exfoliate using glycolic or salicylic acid, an acne cleanser, etc. For me I use my AcneFree Purifying Cleanser because I need to keep acne at bay.

Micellar Water (Optional): This is optional because your cleansing wipes can do the same thing. I use micellar water to remove makeup. I still wear makeup from time to time. I loves my long-wear formulas, but they can be hard to remove, and I find that micellar water removes any type of makeup I wear. It also can replace a toner if you run out of your usual toner.

Masks, Exfoliators, and Toners

Certain skin treatments can be tricky while in the hospital or nursing home. I am used to my REN Flash Facial for exfoliating and Glycol Lactic Acid Mask as one of the masks I use each week. I had to leave those at home because I am on medication and I can't be sure how my skin will react to those treatments. I chose to take two masks with me, a simple dead sea clay mask, and a moisture mask. I use the moisture mask for my lips and eyes and the clay everywhere else.

I do use a toner because it is beneficial for my acne-prone skin. Not everyone needs toner. So, see how well your skin behaves skipping toner for a week. If you feel like it is a step you need then add toner to your skincare routine while receiving care. I recommend Dickinson's Witch Hazel toner. It is very gentle and is suitable for all skin types, even dry skin and acne-prone skin.

Skin Treatments

There are different skin treatments that many of us apply to our skin. If you are a member of Generation X like I am, you have different treatments that you apply for day and night. Well you will have to choose which of your treatments are essentials versus which are just good to add "just in case".

Serums: At home I apply two serums in the morning and use three at night. I can't do that in the nursing home. I use one serum for both day and night. I use my Jan Marini C-ESTA Vitamin C Serum because it does a lot more for my skin than the other serums I use do. My skin is not missing the other serums, yet. I also use another serum, but I will get into that later.

Acne Treatments: I do need my AcneFree Repair Lotion to help keep my skin clear. If you do have acne-prone skin don't neglect treating it. You don't want to have a bad breakout and not be able to get it under control later.

Moisturizers and Eye Cream

This is where you may need to maintain your normal products. Many of us have a day and night cream/moisturizer. Our day cream probably has SPF in it which we need to keep using because the sun's rays even filter through windows. Our night cream tends to be packed with anti-aging ingredients that help us stay looking younger.

Eye cream is a must as well. Until your body gets used to being on the hospital's or nursing homes' schedule you will not sleep well for a while and it will show in your eyes. So, keep your regular eye cream. If you use two, choose which one does the most for your eyes. I am actually using a thick face serum on my eyes because I left my cream at home and my mother would get confused trying to figure which cream to bring.

My Nursing Home Skincare Routine

My skincare routine is pretty much the same products for morning and night with the exception that I use two different moisturizers. It is working for me so far.

Cleansing Wipes
AcneFree Purifying Cleanser
Dickinson Witch Hazel Toner
Jan Marini C-ESTA Vitamin C Serum
AcneFree Repair Lotion
Olay Complete Daily Defense Sensitive Skin SPF30 (Day)
Derma e Vitamin C Intense Night Cream (Night)
Olay Regenerist Fragrance-Free Serum (use for eyes)
L’OrĂ©al Paris Micellar Cleansing Water (As Needed)
Majestic Pure Natural Dead Sea Mud Mask (once a week)
JUARA Java Plum and Avocado Nourishing Mask (as needed for lips and eyes)

Have you had a long hospital stay or nursing home stay before?
How did you manage your skincare needs?

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