New York, NY (September 11, 2017) – The Libertine Spring Summer 2018 show sparked a punk couture uproar on the runway when CND, the pioneers of nail artistry at Fashion Week reunited with their longtime creative collaborator Johnson Hartig for a seventh season. Showcasing irresistibly illicit looks, Libertine’s Spring/ Summer 18 collection was statement-making in more ways than one— but for the fashion world, the strongest statement was this: Hartig is not only returning to his roots, but reclaiming them.

To compliment Libertine’s daring looks, CND’s key nail styles this season told a story of artistic uprising and haute hedonism. Skulls and safety pins, punk appliques, wild spirals, and forbidden hidden treasures combined to create a glittering underground playground where rebellion reigned supreme.

Decadent details sparkled with subversion on the base nails, as pave Swarovski crystals were mosaicked into emoji-like designs, including smiley faces, skulls, and dollar signs. Pave Swarovski crystals also adorned one of the show’s most intricate nail looks: hand-sculpted bird skulls. Crowned in safety pins, the skulls gleamed atop the nails like ancient amulets.

“Like Libertine, CND revels in pushing limits and elevating even the edgiest of expressive styles into beautiful, wearable art,” said CND co-founder and Style Director, Jan Arnold. “We cherish our partnership with Johnson not only because he is a true creative collaborator— but an adored and admired friend. He was the first to electrify the fashion world with a chic sense of anarchy and we were thrilled to help reclaim his punk couture roots in such a bold way this season.”

Guided by Arnold and CND creative lead Heather Reynosa, the CND Design Lab Team created 3-D nail designs that were both sculptural and functional—reaching a level artistry that far transcended embellishment. Gemstone Venus Flytraps with hinged jaws opened to reveal Libertine’s insignia inside, while working lava lamps bubbled blood red on the tips of the nails. Paraphernalia including tiny spoons and pill capsules spilling out a ‘dose of fabulousness’ alluded to the illicit atop the nails, while blade-like hidden treasures warned that danger was lurking underneath the nail’s surface as well.

“Over the course of seven seasons working with Johnson, our creative spirits have become tightly entwined with that we can’t help but make magic on the runway,” said Reynosa. “So taking our artistry to a hedonistic place this season was a supremely fun challenge, in that it inspired these incredible, indulgent designs paid tribute not only to the spirit of a ‘libertine’ in the most literal sense of the word, but also to Libertine’s roots as a design house.”

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