Bear with Me as I Try to Blog from A Nursing Home

Hey lovelies! Earlier this year I posted a personal blog post. I let you guys know that I have been dealing with health problems for some time. I was hoping that 2017 would bring a much-needed change. Well, it is.

I will be receiving much needed medical attention and physical rehabilitation at a facility that is close to home. I have my laptop with me. However, my eyeglasses broke so I am not sure just how my posts will read. I will try to edit post as best as I can until my glasses can be fixed or I get a new pair.

I will be posting short posts because of my situation. There will probably more visual content then writing. So, I think many will focus more on fashion that previously so that should be something interesting.

I ask you all to keep me in your prayers as I try to get back to better health and mobility. Don't forget to follow me on social media as I will be tweeting, gramming, and Facebooking my heart out for the next couple of months.

Instagram -- @fashionssenseblog
Twitter -- @SJPFashNews
Facebook -- @fashionssense

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