Beauty Brands Stop Saying You Make Your Products for "All Types"

Hey lovelies! We are in the age where companies are trying to be inclusive of everything. That is a beautiful thing when brands try to recognize the diversity within the world we live in. Sometimes, the quest to be inclusive goes awry. The most recent casualty, YSL Beauty.

YSL Beauty just released their All Hours Foundation. On the -- now edited -- Instagram announcement they claimed the foundation was "to suit all skin tones". Why did they do that for. To further try and illustrate their point that they did indeed make All Hours for "All Skin Tones" they created a separate account called all_hours_shade_finder_. This IG account shows all 22 foundation shades with a shade swatch, bottle, and model wearing the shade to help people find their shade.

Well many people, black women in particular -- myself included -- didn't really see our shade there. Granted I am always in the darker end of the medium spectrum or light end of the deep/dark spectrum depending on the company. I don't have a hard finding a shade I can make work. However, undertones are always an issue for because not enough in my range are yellow.

To be honest the shade issue is found in the fair end of the spectrum as well because of the same issues I deal with, undertones. So, it is hard for any brand to say that they have a foundation for all skin tones. Quite frankly when I see such a statement I know it is an outright lie because most foundations will begin with 12 to 24 shades and there are more skin tones that that.

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YSL isn’t the only brand guilty of this. Hair care companies do the same thing saying it is for all hair types but I often find that my thick, coarse, high porosity 4c coils do not respond to such products. Just like my lovelies with fine, bone straight, limp hair often find that such claims do not include them as well.

So, when are companies going to learn to stop making such claims? They make them because they sound good from a marketing standpoint. It gets people’s attention. However, in the age of social media, consumers will put a brand on blast for making so blatantly false claims. YSL knew good and darn well, that 22 shades of foundation did not represent "All Skin Tones".

I am here to tell you beauty brands to simple stop making these "good for all types" claims for your products. Consumers will call you out on these claims. They will do so just because you made the false claim. Consumers are smarter than you give us credit for. We know a hair product is not truly made for all hair types. We know a 22-shade range foundation launch does not include a shade for all skin tones. We won't make a stink about that. However, when you claim that the products represent all then we will drag you online.

The point of all of this truly is to make you companies be more transparent and truthful with your advertising. Don't make claims to get attention and try to make yourself look more inclusive. Just be honest and state the facts about your products. If you have more shades coming in the next year or are working on an improved formula then say that. Never again tell us, that your product is for all types!

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What are your thoughts about brands making obvious false product claims? Should they be called out for it?

Main Image from YSL Beauty's Instagram

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