So, What's Up with the ABH Subculture Palette?

Hey lovelies! I am doing short posts for the next couple of months because I will be away from my laptop and working from my tablet (hopefully). This may be the last full post you get from me in a while. This post is about what everyone has been talking about over the past few days, The Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette.

ICYMI, tons of reviews have been made about the ABH Subculture palette and they have been mixed. It's one of those palettes where people really loved or they thought it was difficult to work with and a waste of money. One of the most talked about negative reviews of the palettes came from one of my favorite beauty vloggers, Alissa Ashley. Alissa purchased her palette and did her video first impression as soon as she got it.

Alissa tried to make the palette three different times in the video and nothing seemed to pan out. She had issues with product skipping, patchiness, oxidizing quickly, and simply not blending. The most talked about aspect of her video was that the shadows, at least the matte ones, had a lot of kickback. She lightly swirled her brush around one shade and in 10 seconds it darn near hit pan.

Alissa isn't the only who had issues. Other people spoke up about the issues they had with the palette as well. Not to mention other influential influencers thought the ABH Subculture palette was not very good including MakeupShayla and the man you either love or hate, Jeffree Star thought it was not a good palette.

With as many who thought it was a bust there were others who thought it was a great palette and didn't have any real negatives to say such as LauraLee who said it didn't have any more kickback than the recent Sephora Pro palettes. My personal opinion and I don't think I am alone with this line of thinking, is that this is a batch issue. Meaning that maybe the ones who had no issues with Subculture received a palette made at a facility that is different from the ones who hated the palette. These things do happen.

All is not lost. It does seem as though ABH is willing to work with customers if they are not happy with their palette.

Did you purchase an ABH Subculture palette? How well has it performed for you?

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