Beauty Over 35: Jan Marini Skin Research C-ESTA Face Serum Is Your Anti-Aging Skincare Game Changer

Hey lovelies! Remember I said I was refocusing the blog to be more in tuned with the beauty and fashion needs of my Gen-Xers? I am staying true to my word with an anti-aging skincare review from Jan Marini Skin Research with whom I am partnering with for this review. The product I am reviewing is their C-ESTA Vitamin C Face Serum. I must admit that it is a skincare game changer. So, let me walk you through some info on the product, my testing method for this review, my results, and my overall opinion about the product.

What is C-ESTA Supposed to do For Your Skin?

C-ESTA Serum is described as an antioxidant cocktail that provides free-radical protection while it lifts, firms, and tightens the appearance of facial contours. It is also supposed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles along with improving skin texture. Jan Marini designed C-ESTA to be good for all skin types including those with sensitive and acne-prone skin.

They key ingredients of C-ESTA are:

Vitamin C - An antioxidant that helps improve skin clarity for a brighter complexion.
Vitamin B5 - Aids in moisture retention and promotes skin healing from skin disorders, post skin treatments, and acne.
Vitamin E - An antioxidant that also helps repair and nourish skin.
Hyaluronic Acid - Helps the skin attract and retain moisture to improve skin firmness.
DMAE - Used in skincare there are anti-inflammatory properties, increased firmness, and improvement in underlying facial muscle tone.

How I Tested C-ESTA for Two Weeks

Jan Marini Skin Research is a clinical skincare brand. As such the products bear that price tag. The C-ESTA Serum is $105.00. Due to these circumstances, I needed to test the serum in a way that made it work harder to produce results. I applied twice a day after cleansing to my face, neck, and behind my ears.

I did not exfoliate prior or during my two-week testing period. No face masks or other facial treatments were used during testing. I used my body wash to wash my face up until day 11 when the profuse sweating began to dry my skin out, then I switched to a moisturizing face wash. I did not follow with any other serums or special moisturizers other than castor oil on my brows and lip balm on my lips.

Also, Jan Marini's C-ESTA Face Serum was being tested during a very hot and humid heat wave. The heat index was in the upper 90s to 110-degrees. Humidity was 100%. I sweated buckets every day which resulted in salty perspiration that was probably clogging my pores.

Visible Results Seen After Using C-ESTA for Two Weeks

When I first began using C-ESTA, I used two pumps because my skin's surface texture was not smoothed. Near the one week point I was able to use a single pump of serum because C-ESTA had begun improving my skin texture. I filmed a one-week check-in and I noticed improved skin firmness along with the improved skin texture.

As I came close to the end of the two-week testing period I also noticed a vast improvement to skin clarity. Fine lines are beginning to reduce around my mouth and my forehead crease feels more "refined" (the best word I can use to describe it). I say refined because I can't see that the forehead crease has gotten smaller, but it feels smoother when I run my finger over it. I also noticed that my skin glowed. I filmed one last check-in video in natural light. Where the sun hit me, I was indeed brighter. You can see the glow difference by how matte my shoulders look and how illuminated my face looks.

Is C-ESTA Worth It?

I was not giving Jan Marini Skin Research C-ESTA Face Serum any help while testing the product. That coupled with hot and humid conditions still did not prevent the serum from performing. I noticed improvement to my overall complexion with just the serum being the only anti-aging product used on my face. If this serum can work that well without any help from other products then it could probably perform wonders with a little help from a combination of anti-aging products.

My honest opinion is that C-ESTA is worth the $105.00 price tag. This is a product worthy of splurging on. I mean if you can't swing it alone, hint around for the hubby and kids to get it for you on Mother’s Day. For your birthday and Christmas, drop hints that C-ESTA would make a great group gift. This serum is THAT worth it.

Hit up my social accounts to see my various check-ins along the way. They show a progression from the initial use to my final social media check-in before the review. If you have any questions about my experience using C-ESTA please don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section below.

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