MAC's Basic Bitch Brought Along Five of Her Friends and These #MACGirls Are Ready for You This August

Hey lovelies! Now remember back in March when I hipped you to MAC Cosmetics trying turn us into basic bitches with "lollipop lips"? It wasn't a joke. It was just part of a larger makeup plan MAC had in store. It seems August 3, MAC is debuting the Basic Bitch palette along with five others.

What palettes are joining Basic Bitch in a few days?

  1. Prissy Princess -- Looks like what you'd expect pinkish-beige neutrals with some shimmer.
  2. Power Hungry -- Looks like King Midas touched it, all gilded hues with lots of shimmer.
  3. Rockin' Rebel -- Contains the standard rock blues with course shimmers mixed in.
  4. Mischief Minx -- Contains the standard peachy tones and dark neutrals that have been the trend since Too Faced came out with that peach palette.
  5. Fashion Fanatic -- Looks like an early 90s makeup palette. Where the bright pops of color were toning down to more natural shades. Standard hot pinks, bright orange, peach, golds, dark purple, and other mid-tone pinks.
  6. Basic Bitch – Of Course this one with the basic smoky grey tones that can be worn with any outfit from a potato sack to vintage Gaultier.

I don’t have pics of these palettes for you. However, Marie Claire was able to snag all six and swatched them on a fair skinned arm telling everyone Here's Exactly What MAC's New Basic Bitch Eyeshadow Palette Looks Like on Your Skin.

My honest opinion: These look like fun palettes. They kind of have the gimmicky feel Urban Decay used to rope us Gen Xers in during the 90s. They are very social media ready with hashtaggable names to boot. I think these could be a hit for MAC. I wonder what else will be added to #MACGirls after these launch?

What do you lovelies think? Are these a "Must Buy", "Maybe", or a "Hard Pass" for you?

Main Image: Collage of swatches taken from MAC Global Senior Artist, Ashley Rudder’s Instagram profile.

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