Why Are People So Distrustful of Popular Beauty Influencers?

Hey lovelies! This post is truly about sparking discussion on a situation I've noticed get worse over the past year: Distrust of Beauty Gurus on YouTube and Instagram. Considering the Jackie Aina/Jeffree Star debacle happening this weekend, I really would like to know what you beautiful people think about this as well. Make sure to comment in the Facebook comments and share.

I've noticed that some influencers began receiving a lot of ill will thrown their way after beauty brands, Tarte in particular, began treating influencers to lavish trips. It wasn't just that they went on the trips but some people felt like the influencers were throwing these trips in their faces. Being braggy about them.

Influencers began to post haul videos with high price tags on them and showing off PR mail they received. PR mail videos are not really anything new. People were used to seeing influencers show off one PR package from a company and some of them would reserve some items for giveaways. Then influencers began showing multiple PR packages on Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube. While most viewers like me loved seeing them, not everyone found them entertaining.

Then issues arose when drama channels began counting influencers money. Drama channels brought to people's attention sponsored content, affiliate links (which do need proper disclosure), and expensive fashion accessories influencers were wearing.

Of course, influencers did not help the matter any. Some of the ones who have hit the million-subscriber club have been accused of being entitled and developing bad attitudes. To be honest, I can say I've noticed some changes as well but not enough for me to be upset about it. Some viewers are very upset.

To be fair, I do have to say that the entitlement issues swing both ways. I've read comments from viewers on videos, online forums, Instagram and Facebook where viewers felt entitled as well. If they are part of that follower count they feel they are entitled to get something from the influencer. Some even feel this way about beauty brands. Some viewers believe that the free merchandise should be given to them for being customers and not to the influencers.

Of course the drama that happens between beauty influencers, influencers and brands, or when drama from their past resurfaces doesn't help. We all know about Jeffree Star’s racist past and his tweeted apology (some debate if it qualifies as an apology). MannyMUA's, Laura Lee's, and Jaclyn Hill's Morphe dramas. The drama between MakeupShayla and Jeffree Star, and most recently between Jackie Aina and Jeffree Star. Sometimes the drama adds to viewer distrust, unfortunately.

I truly want to ask you lovelies your honest opinion. Why do you think popular beauty influencers are receiving so much hate? Do you think people now want to see them fail? Is all of this negatively fair?

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