Putting Your Best Face Forward This Summer Without Wearing Foundation

Hey lovelies! Are you feeling the summer heat yet? I sure am. It made me think of ways to beat the heat this summer. Not just beating the heat on our days off but beating the heat when we must go to the office. I already gave you general summer style tips here and summer style tips for the office here. Now it is time for summer makeup tips that are work-friendly.


Summer Makeup Means Less Is More

When I say less is more, I am referring to skipping the foundation. I know my lovelies who are in my age group, the over 35 crowd, are thinking I have lost my mind. I just need you to give this post a chance before thinking I am crazy.

We Have Alternatives

Even if you are over 35 -- I am 40 -- you can still put your best face forward without wearing foundation. Just think about all the alternatives to traditional foundation that we have like: tinted moisturizers with SPF, tinted primers with SPF, as well as BB and CC creams that help minimize imperfections (with SPF). These products can still serve as your base if you feel naked or unsure about not wearing foundation. Here is a look I created using tinted moisturizer/BB Cream earlier this year:

Tinted Setting Powders and Bronzers Are Lighter Options for Combination and Oily Skin

When it is muggy and I still need to wear makeup. I opt for tinted setting powders and or bronzers applied over concealer to help even me out my skin tone. If I use a bronzer, it can serve as my contour so I can have that summer glow along with defined features. In fact, I prefer the only liquid or fluid products to touch my face to be a moisturizer or primer with SPF, my concealer, and my setting spray. Other than that, I love using powders because my face doesn't feel weighed down in humid conditions.

I was reminded of why I prefer powders on muggy days after I finished the video below. That same day, my air conditioner broke down and it was a hot and muggy mess in the apartment. The fans kept me from melting into a puddle. Even with those conditions, wearing powders instead of cream or liquid face products kept my face from feeling weighed down in the oppressive heat. Check out my tutorial below:

If You Have Normal or Dry Skin, Try Cream Contouring

Contouring can be an alternative to foundation for those with normal to dry skin. When I say cream contour I am not referring to the pans of cream contour you get in kits. I am referring to the cream contour in stick formats. By now, most of you have heard of Kim Kardashian West coming out with contour kits that are in stick formula. She revealed that when she does her own makeup she just uses contour for her face. After you moisturize with a moisturizer that contains SPF, apply your contour and blend. Then highlight and blend. You should have enough coverage to show that you put in the effort but you did not use a ton of product on your face either. This method is not right for my combination skin for summer but a quick demo of how to do this with contour sticks is on KKWBeauty's Instagram. Here Kim KW shows how to make up your face for a basic beat using her contour sticks:

These are three different ways to go without foundation this summer and still be presentable at the office. I suggest experimenting on your days off first to find which way works best for you. I have one more sans foundation video for you from Alissa Ashley that is more beat than the others for those who still want that beat face at work.

Do you dare to wear makeup this summer without using foundation?

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