Budget Beauty: Wet-n-Wild's $3.99 Contour Stick Is the Truth

Hey lovelies! I've been using a $3.99 contour stick from my favorite budget beauty brand, Wet'n'Wild for the past few weeks. Wet'n'Wild has different Megaglo Makeup Sticks but the Contour Stick, Call Me Maple, is the one I'm stuck on. Let me tell you why.

Call Me Maple is Super Easy to Use

I'm not lying. This contour stick is very easy to use. If you are familiar with Clinique's Chubby Sticks in the contour shades then you already know what I am talking about. If you are not familiar with how to use contour stick you basically just swipe the stick over the areas on your face where you normally contour and blend. Sounds easy, right?

The Contour Lasts All Day

I am not one for an obvious contoured look. However, I also use the stick to apply natural-looking shading to my eyes. That is a bit more obvious than my contour work. The color lasts for until I take off my makeup. I experienced no fading.

Of Course, It's Very Affordable

At $3.99, this is perhaps the cheapest, quality contour stick I've ever used. It come in two other shades besides Call Me Maple. For lighter tones, there is Oaks On You and for those who are darker you have Where's Walnut?.

If you are the type who does a little body contouring as well, you will be able to easily contour other areas as well using these sticks. If you are experience at contouring, new to contouring, or just want to save a few bucks, I suggest giving Wet'n'Wild Megaglo Makeup Sticks Contour in either, Oaks On Your, Where's Walnut?, or Call Me Maple a shot. They are only $3.99 after all.

What do you think of Wet’n’Wild’s Megaglo Makeup Sticks? Which are your favorites?

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Main Image Credit: Wet'n'Wild's Instagram

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