I'm Turning 40 Y'all! So Here’s My Birthday Wish List

Hey lovelies! So, I've come down from last month's Blogging from A to Z Challenge. I have myself back on an even kilter after a slight mishap with my iron pills (my anemia just has to be a little extra). Now I am all about that turning 40, Sunday! So, I am just going to make this post about my 40th birthday gift wish list. We all need a little fantasy in our lives and this is featuring products I would love to receive. (I purposefully write this close to my B-day so friends and family don’t feel pressure, this is just for fun!)

Juvia's Place Saharan Blush Palette Volumes I and II

I've been seeing swatch pics of Juvia's Place's Saharan Blush Palettes all over social media this week. I must say they are GORGEOUS! I wear blush, but I am not a big blush person. These palettes make me blush with their pigmented selves. Of course, they look just divine on melanin-infused skin. Hopefully when I will be able to buy one of both of these before Juvia's Place decide to stop making them. I won't just wear them as blush. I do make my products multitask so these will be used as eyeshadows as well. Check out my girl Lisa from Lisa a la Mode swatch these two lovely palettes on her melanin blessed skin:

August Brand Cosmetics

August Brand Cosmetics is a new black-owned makeup brand on the scene that caters to women of color. They just launched last month. Their prices are reasonable: foundation $24.99, Concealer $19.99, Brow Pencil $12.99. I want to first get a couple of sample of packs from them to find out which foundation(s) I will need. Thinking of getting both he light and the Medium deep shades to find out what works best or if I will need to mix together. It's more than just the shade but the undertone as well and checking how it oxidizes. The sample packs only cost $8 each.

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner


I know I have combination skin that leans more to the oily side. However, I do have eczema flare up. So, my skin needs the hydration. I am obsessed with Fresh's Rose Mask and want to try the Rose Deep Hydration Toner as well. I think using them together will probably help calm my skin and work well with my Geneva Naturals face oils.

STILA Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow

Me wanting this is all Jackie Aina's fault. The blame lays squarely on her shoulders. After seeing her wearing these on her YouTube channel and on Instagram I fell in love. They cost $24 which is a struggle with my budget conscious mind because I want more than one of these. So, I'm going to have stay in prayer over these, STILA.

New Statement Earrings for Summer


I always like big, statement earrings to wear during the summer. I fell in love with a pair of Oscar de la Renta Long Silk Tassel Clip-On Earrings, but they cost $485.00 I am not going to spend. So, I need to hunt for a much cheaper alternative. I also love large hoop earrings. They take me back to my late teens and 20s. Plus I still look good in them. I am eyeing the Karine Sultan Split Hoop Earrings for $34.00 at Nordstrom.

A New Handbag Never Hurts

When it comes to handbags I have caviar taste but a buffalo wing budget. I also appreciate simple designs and neutral colors so that may bags pair well with what I am wearing. If I can swing a handbag in this year I have my eye on the Zyla Faux Leather Tote from Sole Society in the color Latte for $64.95 at Nordstrom.

I have other things I would love to get for the big 40 this year. However, I am keeping the list simple and prioritizing each item. I don't think I have anything extravagant on this birthday wish list. What do you guys think?

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