Why This Natural-Haired Blogger Is Not Boycotting Shea Moisture

By now everyone and their mother has heard about the tone-deaf ad from Shea Moisture. I get the variety of emotions at play. It does hurt more when you feel betrayed by your own. However, I think this is when we need to show love to our black-owned businesses as well.

Marketing Blunders Happen

Yes, the ad was a huge blunder. It was an ad that also was not intended to be aired. I do believe as the company makes more attempts to reach more women of other races and those who are not curly heads, there will be more blunders. Real talk, it is easy to get it right when you are dealing with one specific target demographic. When you expand to reach other demographics, then issues will arise. As you try to reach new customers, your older customers may feel slighted. It happens. This is when brands need to create ads that reach out and reach back at the same time. You can't forget the old while trying to catch the new.

Complaints of Product Formula Changes

Along with the ad controversy, many of Shea Moisture's core customers claim some of their favorite products changed after the company began actively expanding its customer base. Shea Moisture has repeatedly denied this. However, one tweet from the company does raise a question that while the ingredients used in the products have not changed, perhaps their volume has.

In response to brax_payne: "Consistency may be confused with change. We make our products with natural ingredients, color and consistency can vary. <3"

But Shea Moisture, Product Consistency Does Matter

What Shea Moisture is not realizing is that product consistency does matter to the way a product performs for some people. Personally, my low porosity hair does not like products that have thick or heavy consistency. It needs lighter, thinner formulas that will absorb better into my hair shaft. So, if a product my hair loves suddenly has a thicker consistency, then it no longer will work for my hair. The same goes if a product goes from thick/heavy to thin/light in consistency. That thicker consistency especially in curl creams can help stretch curls more because it weighs them down more than a lighter product will.

Why I Choose to Still Rock with Shea Moisture

The company is going through growing pains as it widens its customer base. I think we should give them time to get past this phase so they can figure out what works. I also believe in supporting black-owned businesses that put out quality products at reasonable prices. Let’s not forget, Shea Moisture does give back and tries to lift up the black community. That is something I can always support.

Also, I don't think we black folk should be harder on our own than we are on other businesses. I still see us drinking Pepsi. We still rock with Revlon even though Lorenzo Delpani is still on their payroll. We did not stop buying up Urban Decay, Maybelline, Garnier, Carol's Daughter, and other brands owned by L’Oréal after such instances of lightening Beyoncé to match the sun and being fined by France for racist hiring practices for a Garnier campaign. Some black folk still buy Jeffree Star's products given his past incidences of racism. Yet, we cry out for a boycott of a black-owned business that made a marketing mistake.

If these brands can get passes for sorry, not sorry behavior, why can't Shea Moisture? I can't let this company go down like that. Plus, they've been too darn good to my fro. I'm just saying.

Do you feel Shea Moisture should get the same pass other companies have received in the past?

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