Why Are Brows So Important?

Happy Monday, lovelies! I know it sucks to have to get back to the grind. I have a topic of interest that I receive questions from friends about constantly. That topic is brows. The title of this post asks why are brows important. I will also briefly discuss other questions I've seen come up as well.

Why Are Brows Important?

Let's get right to it. Brows are important because they frame our eyes just as our hair frames our face. Now don't get me wrong, a person can look just fine without brows. Unfortunately, it is hard to look good with jacked up brows. Just like a bad hairstyle can ruin your entire look, messed up brows take away from your looks. Therefore, it is important to keep them groomed. If you need to fill them in, it's best to follow your natural brow shape. This is true even if your brows are sparse.

Where Should Brows Begin?

Ideally your brows should begin parallel to the edge of your nostril and end parallel to the outer corner of your eye. In reality, we know that some brows don't begin and end at these points. When it comes to filling in brows you should still follow your brows' natural shape. If you can mimic the look of natural hairs using a brow pencil, then start and end your brows at the "ideal points", filling in the gaps.

Can You Change Your Brow Shape?

Personally, I would not recommend physically changing your brow shape during grooming. However, if you are going for a bold or theatrical makeup look and changing your brow shape works for the look you are trying to achieve, then go for it. If you change your brow shape expecting for it to look natural, that is not going to happen. Drawing on a brow that is too dark and is not a natural brow shape will have people look at you quizzically. So be prepared for that should you go this route.

How Should I Fill in My Brows?

There are a lot of experts who have varying views on how you should fill in your brows. My layman opinion is to follow the ideal start and end for brows then follow your shape. This is your start. After that point, practice different techniques. There are plenty of brow looks to experiment with. Find a look or two that flatter your eyes and face in general. Even if the brow look you like is unconventional, go with it, if it makes you happy.

How Do I Fill in My Brows?

I generally do not veer too far from my natural brow shape when I fill in my brows. I will do a dark brow, colored brow, bold brow, graphic brow, and of course a natural brow. It all depends on my mood and the look I am going for. To see me create my brows in action, check out my Brow Work playlist on the Fashion's Sense YouTube channel (Please subscribe to show your support).

What are your favorite brow looks when you wear makeup?

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