What Is My Anti-Aging Skincare Routine?

Hey lovelies! It is April 1st and that means two things today: It's April Fool’s Day and The Start of the A to Z Challenge. I am not pulling an April Fool's joke on you today. What I am going to talk about is anti-aging. My anti-aging skincare routine to be specific. This 39 (almost 40)-year old with adult acne will tell you how she tries to keep her skin up. I am only talking products, not diet.

It Begins with Cleansing

I am a firm believer in double cleansing on non-makeup days a triple (sometimes quadruple) cleansing on makeup days. I like to start with a gentle cleanser. This can be cold cream, cream cleanser, or gentle gel cleanser. I like Noxzema (old faithful) and Cetaphil. I have tried others but these two have worked the best for me and they are affordable.

KAPLAN MD Skincare

I finish with an acne cleanser because I want the active ingredients that fight acne to remain. Sometimes, I will use a cleanser containing an alpha or beta hydroxy acid. Most times I use the Acne-Free Oil-Free Purifying Cleanser because it controls my acne better than other products have.

When it comes to washing off makeup, I begin by removing makeup with oil or an oil/lipid based cream cleanser. My favorites to use are fractionated coconut oil and Pond's Original cold cream because it is very greasy so makeup almost melts off. After that I follow with my normal cleansing.

Face Masks and Other Anti-Aging Treatments

My face masks are used between cleansing steps. I use a product containing glycolic acid typically one to two times a week. I have three go-to’s for this, L’Oréal Revitalift Bright Reveal Cleanser, Ren's Flash Facial, and Ren's Glycolic Mask. I prefer the Ren products and the L’Oréal is my backup.

I use a clay mask, charcoal mask, and moisturizing sleep mask twice a week each. I typically use my sleep masks on the days I use my glycolic treatments to help calm my skin. I interchange the clay and charcoal masks as a purifying step after makeup removal. I don't have a favorite mask yet for sleeping masks. I do prefer to make my own clay and charcoal masks.


Toners are the last step for me before I apply my skincare treatments. I use the Acne-Free toner which contains glycolic acid. When I run out I turn to Dickinson's Witch Hazel. There is a third toner that I really like and use this at night or when I need a refresher, that is OZ Naturals' Mineral Toner. This stuff feels so good misted onto the skin.

Skincare Treatments

I will break my anti-aging treatments down by product type. These products are not age-specific but they were developed to slow down the aging process of skin.

KAPLAN MD Skincare

I use three types of serums on the regular and not on the same part of the face. For day, I use a vitamin C serum on the areas of my face where I have hyperpigmentation. I use a hyaluronic acid serum all over my face. At night, I use a retinol serum mixed with a firming serum. I don't have a holy grail serum yet. I do have reviews on the blog for different serums that I have been fond of.

Eye Creams
Eye creams are a crucial anti-aging product to use both morning and night. I am not snobby about eye creams. As long as they keep my fine lines at a minimum for as long as possible and banish dark undereye circles, then I am happy. Some products work better than others. I am fond of Eyevage Eye Cream by Solvaderm; it's expensive and if my fine lines get worse I will switch over to it full time. Second in effectiveness to that is Derma e's DMAE Eye Lift which is way more affordable and really firms up the eye area.

Acne Treatments
Unfortunately, I am past the point where salicylic acne gels do me any lasting good. I have to stick with benzoyl peroxide now. I like Neutrogena Rapid Clear Stubborn Acne Gel. My holy grail is Acne-Free's Acne Lotion.

Peter Thomas Roth Labs, LLC

Moisturizers Vary

The one product that varies a lot for me are moisturizers. The type of moisturizer I use for morning or night depends on various factors such as illness, allergies, eczema flare ups, makeup I wear, masks I've used, and acne breakouts. Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizer Gel is my favorite day moisturizer. L’Oréal’s Revitalift Bright Reveal Night Moisturizer is my favorite for evening. Sometimes I use serums or face oils as moisturizers when my skin needs to lighten on up on product. I used a mattifying moisturizer during the warmer months to keep my face from getting oily.

My anti-aging skincare routine revolves around keeping me blemish-free, oil-control, moisture balance, skin clarity, texture smoothing, and purifying. As a result, I make sure I use a combination of products that contain glycolic and/or salicylic acid, vitamin c, hyaluronic acid, retinol, and benzoyl peroxide. These ingredients help me to maintain healthy glow and bounce back when sickness takes its toll on my skin.

What types of anti-aging products are in your skincare routine?

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