What Types of Stencils Are Used in Makeup?

Happy Saturday, lovelies! One would think that during this Blogging from A to Z Challenge that the letter "S" would be an easy one for me. I struggled with what for this letter for a week. Then I saw a post on IG with a person using a makeshift stencil or guide for the eyeliner. I realized there are cosmetic stencils for different applications. I am going to go through a few I know of for this post today. If you can think of other stencils please mention them below in the comments!

Eyebrow Stencils

There are two types of eyebrow stencils available. One type of brow stencil is to help you shape your brows via tweezing, threading, waxing or whichever method you use to remove unwanted brow hairs. The other type of eyebrow stencil helps you fill in your brows and emphasize your arch. This second type also helps you to create a temporary new brow shape if you desire a new shape.

Eyeliner Stencils

Eyeliner stencils or guides, are specifically for creating winged and graphic liner looks. These stencils help you to create near perfect winged out liner looks. Some help you create graphic or geometric liner designs.

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Contour Stencils

Contour stencils are not as popular or easy to find as eyebrow and eyeliner stencils. A typical contour stencil is for side of the face. They are designed to help you chisel out some cheekbones and shape up that jawline.

Lip Stencils

Lip stencils are not as popular as they were decades ago. Lip stencils are used to help shape the mouth. People used lip stencils to as a guide for applying lipstick, to help even out the lip shape, also to make lips look fuller by applying lip color outside of the natural lip shape.

Graphic Makeup and Nail Stencils

There are stencils are cut out into intricate designs for the face and nails. If you want to create some interesting nail art you may use a stencil or two to help you create designs using nail color. For makeup, graphic stencils are used to apply color or intricate art designs on the face. Most these types of stencils are handmade. You can find art stencils that can work for your face.

These are the five types of makeup stencils I am aware of. Some are common and others are not so common. If any of you lovelies know of other types of makeup stencils please let me an everyone knows in the comments below!

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