Save Your Edges with Private Label Extensions' Edge Control Gel

I must be honest, while I am #teamnatural I was not good at making sure my edges were controlled. I have edges. They are just as tightly coiled as the rest of my Type 4C hair. I just let them be wild, fuzzy, and free. That's until I partnered with Private Label Extensions (PLE) and they sent me two jars of their Edge Control Gel.

What Are Edges?

I am not going to assume that everyone knows what edges are. When you hear a person -- more than likely a black person -- talk about edges, they are primarily referring to the hairline. The front hairline is most often what the term edges represents. The front hairlines contain the baby hairs, those shorter hairs along the front hairline. These baby hairs also are part of your edges and are what need to be tamed for many hair styles.

What Does Edge Control Gel Do?

Edge control gels are products used to help smooth the hairline and help it to lay flat. It is especially useful for those with tightly curled and coiled hair. Edge control gels can come in different forms like actual hair gel, some have been creamy, are hard shellac substance, and a stiff hair pudding. Using an edge control gel also helps one not to pull as tightly at the hairline for certain styles. The gel can help smooth the hairline to give the same smooth effect without the stress to the hairline.

How Does Private Label Extensions Edge Control Gel Work?

PLE Edge Control Gel is the type of gel that feels like a stiff hair pudding. Because of this texture, the PLE Edge Control Gel can be easily scooped out using your finger. When you scoop it out with your finger, you simply smooth from the hairline on up. You will notice that your edges instantly lay flat and have a shine to them.

I've also noticed that you can use PLE Edge Control to control wayward tendrils of hair framing he face. Apply a small amount of Edge Control to those tendrils by smoothing the gel down from root to tip. You will notice the gel helps to define your curl pattern, eliminates frizz and creates a smooth-looking curly tendril to frame your face.

My Experience with Edge Control

PLE sent me two jars of edge control, clear and black gel. Both gels work the same. The only difference is that the black gel tints hair a bit and if your hairline is a bit "spotty" the black gel creates the illusion of more filled in hairline for dark hair. I have dark hair that is graying so the black gel smoothed my edges so they laid flat and darkened the grays at my hairline. Don’t be scared, that dark tint is temporary. If you have lighter colored hair use the clear gel. You get the same smoothing results.

What I noticed with the PLE Edge Control Gel is that my hair felt soft. Typically edge gels leave my hair feeling crunchy and dry. Edge Control did not do that. In fact, my hair felt softer after using Edge Control than before I did. I was able to have at least 8-hour hold using Edge Control. My natural curl pattern was not permanently altered and my edges still felt soft after the hold wore off. The gel washes out easily. I wash it out when I wash my face since it is only at my edges. I don't need to scrub or do a lot to wash it out.

Final Thoughts on Private Label Extensions Edge Control

I like this gel. While I am not all that concerned with laying my edge, I found myself using it almost daily. I grew accustomed to having my edges laid and feeling soft. I think the fact that it leaves edges softer is the big clincher for me. I have tried other edge gels but they left my edges feeling tacky, sticky, or stiff. PLE Edge Control leaves u edges feeling better than they did before. It might have to do with the castor oil in it. We know castor oil is the holy grail for hair and hair loss.

I do have to warn that this does contain mineral oil (some naturals don't like mineral oil) and it has a fragrance that remind me of black licorice flavored spice drops. Also, the black gel is softer than the clear gel. Where you can kind of scoop a little gel out from the black one, the clear one you simply run your finger across it or swirl it across to pick up the product. The results are the same. Because the clear is denser you may end up using less of it so it might last you longer.


Private Label Edge Control Gel receives an A- from me due to the smell.

Shopping Details:

PLE Edge Control Gel comes in both clear and the Black Edition. A single 2oz or 4oz jar of the clear gel costs $6.00. The Black Edition gel costs for a 2oz or 4oz jar. If you own a hair business like a salon or store you can also purchase PLE Edge Control in Bulk at whole sale price:

Clear: 2oz case of 50 costs $229.00
Clear: 2oz or 4oz case of 20 costs $100.00
Black Edition: 2oz case of 50 costs $279.00
Black edition: 2oz or 4oz case of 20 costs $125.00

PLE doesn't just sell edge gel. They offer a wide variety of hair and beauty products available at wholesale prices.

** This is a sponsored post where I received free product samples and received compensation in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are my own based from my own experience using the product.**

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