Yesterday and Today: My Beauty #GlowUp

I was struggling between doing a brand post today but figured I'd go in another direction as I wrap up this blogging challenge (1 day to go). So, I decided to do a what VikeeJeah calls a #GlowUp post.

What is a #GlowUp?

From how I understand the way VikeeJeah proposed it, the glow up is how far you have come with your makeup game. Now, I am not just going to leave it at makeup. I am also including hair as well. I have come leaps and bounds in both my makeup and natural hair journeys.

My Natural Hair Journey (Summarized)

I began my natural hair journey with a big chop in 2008. Having between a half inch and an inch of hair was very easy to maintain. So, I kept cutting it for the next four years. Then I did my last cut in 2011 and 2012 I only trimmed.

Growing out my hair was difficult. As my hair grew I needs to find ways to style it. That was nuisance to me because I used to be able to wash, apply a curl cream and go. Now I needed to detangle, wash, and set. I struggled for a while but now I am in a good place when it comes to styling my hair.

My Makeup Journey

I tried wearing makeup in high school but my mother wasn't having it. Lipstick was all that she allowed. So, in college I went all in with foundation, powder, mascara, shadow. I discovered over the years that less was more with me. Yet, I still had issues with oil control. I would say within the last three years I had a makeup breakthrough. I used to only wear mineral powder foundation and I've switched to liquid foundation. I blend my makeup, my eyeshadow has staying power, and I just look more polished. Plus, contouring and highlighting were game changers for me. I still need to get up the nerve to wear false eyelashes.

Yesterday and Today

Now I will show you guys a shocking difference in how I looked back 2011 and how I look in 2017. I almost don't look like the same person. So, get ready for it... BAM!

It wasn't that dramatic but it did feel that way to me when I first put the images side by side. I think it is a good thing to see your beauty glow up. I'll do one in a few years to see how things have changed even more.

Drop your beauty glow up picks with the hashtag #BeautyGlowUp in the comments below or share on Instagram and tag me @fashionssenseblog.

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