Junking My Beauty Products

Hello my lovelies! Last month I had to make room in my train cases and makeup bags. As a beauty junkie, it is hard for me to get rid of the beauty products I have. Even the ones I rarely use because they are not so great.

Last month I had to junk a lot of my makeup because of new purchases I had made needed a home. Of course, most of the items to be junked were expired makeup. I trashed old nail polish, eye liners, mascaras, lipsticks, and palettes. It wasn't hard to get rid of this stuff because if I truly liked those products they would have been empty or darn near empty. So, I did not feel a real loss there.

I had to junk a few skincare products I received for review that I had given bad ratings because they sucked. I junked shampoos, conditioners, curl creams, hair oils, face washes, serums, etc. Next, I had to give up makeup brushes that just were not being used because they did not perform well. I junked some that were just too flimsy to use anymore.

I don't believe in giving away used makeup that I did not like unless it is to family, especially eye makeup. Remember how I said I did not like that Maybelline 24K Nudes palette? I gave that to my mother. If she did not say that she wanted it, it would have been junked even though I only used it a couple of times.

Now that I have junked my old and waste-of-time beauty products, I have room for new purchases and new review products. My stand is neat again and I have less boxes to deal with now.

What beauty products have you had to junk recently? Why did you junk them?

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