Unicorn Tears and Shade Between Jeffree Star and Too Faced

I finally have something for you on this #TeaTuesday. ICYMI lovelies, over the weekend it seems that a bit of shade was cast. It seems to have begun with the founder of a high-end beauty company throwing shade at another high-end beauty company. Then add Jeffree Star jumping in to expose and shade the situation.

The (Possible) Beginning

Sometime over the weekend Too Faced founder, Jerrod Blandino posted to Instagram something that sounded like it might be shade thrown at Tarte Cosmetics.

"Unicorn Tears! The original that started a craze and still holds the #1 spot as the best selling lipstick in all of Ulta. Copycats aren't Unicorns #ThereArentUnicornsInTheAmazon"

This was speculated that Blandino was shading Tarte for its Make Believe In Yourself unicorn-inspired collection. People have already been talking about how Tarte kind of stole the scene with these brushes and makeup when there were plenty of them already being sold by private brands on places like Amazon.

Jeffree Star Becomes Tarte's Champion

Jeffree Star took a screenshot of Blandino's -- now deleted -- IG post and went on Twitter to expose Blandino.

Jeffree did not stop with that one tweet. He went in hard on Blandino last Friday. Jeffree even went back to last year when the Too Faced/Kat von D Better Together collection came out, saying Blandino is doing the opposite of what that collab represented.

Then Nikki Tutorials Was Brought into the Melee

Jeffree was not finished with Blandino. After he jumped off the Tarte crusade he went on to make obscure references to alleged shady dealings within the Beauty Industry surrounding Too Faced and its founder. One of those alleged shady dealings involved YouTube superstar, Nikkie Tutorials. Remember her The Power of Makeup collab with Too Faced last year? Jeffree dropped a Twitter bomb he "apparently sourced" from drama channel, Sanders Kennedy (Jeffree already knew the details but sourcing a drama channel protects him). Allegedly Too Faced paid Nikkie $50,000.00 for the collab and they took several months to pay her. Check out Sander's video below:

That startling tidbit really sent fans of Jeffree and Nikkie into a tailspin. From there people started throwing shade at the quality of Too Faced products including its collab with Nikkie. Which to be fair, there has been talk about the downgrade in quality of Too Faced and Tarte makeup for about a year or so now.

The Unicorn Drama from This Weekend May Continue

Jeffree claims to have receipts that will expose more of Blandino’s secrets and maybe some other juicy tidbits within the industry. He is attempting to play it safe. by consulting his lawyers first to see if releasing those receipts will get him into legal trouble. I can't blame him for being careful.

I do have to wonder if all this sudden exposure Jeffree Star wants to dole out is because of the way he has been exposed in the past? The man doesn’t claim to be a saint and it has been proven he is not. It seems like he is on a mission to show that others have skeletons as well.

What do you lovelies think about this #TeaTuesday drama? If Jeffree Star is able to show the receipts he claims to have will you be waiting to find out what it is? I can't lie, I will be.

Main Image Collage: Images taken from Instagram profiles of NikkieTutorials, Jeffree Star, and Tarte Cosmetics

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