One Simple Hack for Long-Lasting Lip Color

Happy Good Friday lovelies! Resurrection -- Easter for some -- Sunday is this weekend. Some of you lovelies will be at church Sunday in your Sunday-best. Your lipstick needs to be long-lasting for all of the fellowship hugs and cheek kisses. Not to mention the big meal many will have with family and friends. I have a few tips for making even your long-wear lipsticks last even longer.

Long-Lasting Lip Color Hack

  • This hack is not for true matte liquid lipsticks. These types of lipstick dry quickly and hug lips.
  • Exfoliate and moisturize lips: Check out my tips in my Kissable Lips post.
  • Remove any excess moisturizer with a soft tissue.
  • Choose a lip liner that matches or closely matches the lip color you've chosen. If lip contouring, choose another liner that is slightly darker than your chosen lip color.
  • Outline your lips with the matching pencil first. If lip contouring outline using the darker pencil.
  • Fill in your lips using the matching color lip liner.
  • Apply lip color.
  • Blot on a tissue.
  • Apply a second layer of lip color
  • Blot the inside of lips on tissue to prevent lip color from getting on your teeth.
  • (Optional) Place a single ply of tissue gently over lips. Lightly dust translucent setting powder over lips.

An amended form of the hack used for Maybelline's Vivid Mattes Liquid Lipstick

Amending the Hack

You can amend the above hack in different ways to suit you. If needed, apply a third layer of lip color. You can use a lip primer before applying any color to lips. You can also place tissue over your lips and lightly mist your lips with setting spray.

Do you have any hacks, tricks or tips for making your lip color last longer?

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