High-End Beauty Snob

Hey lovelies! I have a confession to make. I wasn't always into budget beauty. Back when I was working in IBO, I had a bad Sephora, Macy's, Nordstrom's, and Lord & Taylor habit. I was a high-end beauty snob.

There is nothing wrong with being a high-end beauty snob. If you have the discretionary funds to feed your high-end beauty obsession, then keep at it. For me, I learned to budget my beauty purchases back in 2008 when the schitt hit the fan with the economy. I keep lowering my budget each year with a few splurges so I don't feel cheated.

However, back in the day, it was nothing for me to drop a few hundred a month on beauty (prices were a bit cheaper then too). This was before I went natural. I would only buy this one relaxer from Phyto that cost $50 a box. I would easily drop $125 or more on a designer perfume I liked not to mention the accompanying lotion, body wash, and body powder (do they still sell powder with fragrance sets anymore?). I definitely was an Estee Lauder groupie.

My high-end makeup habits did kind of give me a reputation of being high maintenance once people realized what products I used. I did not care and I still don't care. If you are a high-end beauty snob, you should not care either. There is nothing wrong with buying high-end beauty products if you are taking care of your obligations.

While I am no longer a high-end beauty snob, I still get my high-end beauty on when I can. In my beauty stash you will find products that cost a pretty penny right next to drugstore and dollar store products. Some luxury beauty products I've gotten free from companies or contests and others I purchased (on sale).

I guess there is still that high-end beauty snob lurking beneath the surface waiting for the day when she can burst free. Well honey, unless I hit a Mega Millions jackpot, I can't see that happening.

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