Do You Really Need to Double Cleanse?

Hey lovelies! For the letter "D", I'll talk about double cleansing. This is a skincare trend that is the norm in Korea and Japan. However, it is not as widely accepting here in the United States. Hopefully, I can change a few minds concerning double cleansing.

What Exactly Is Double Cleansing?

Just the name of the skincare technique indicates, double cleansing is when you wash you face twice. However, it is bit more nuanced than that simple explanation. You wash your face twice to make sure you remove dirt and makeup from the skin's surface with the first wash. With the second wash, you get a deeper cleaning to unclog pores.

How Do You Double Cleanse?

Contrary to what you might think, you don't use the same cleansing product for both washings. The first wash should be either a cleansing oil or a cream cleanser that has oil or is lipid rich. The reason for this is oils or lipids pretty much dissolve or melt makeup. If you have oily skin you already know that oil can breakdown and cause makeup to disappear. A cleansing cloth or makeup removing cloth, is a third option for your first cleansing. Cleansing cloths are a little faster at removing the first layer of grime.

For the second cleansing, use a product that dee cleans but is made for your skin type. The second cleansing removes any residue from the first cleansing and goes deeper to clean out dirt that the first cleansing missed.

Should You Double Cleanse Both Morning and Night?

When to double cleanse depends on your skincare needs. Some believe that you should only double cleanse in the evening to remove makeup and/or hours of dirt buildup. This is sound advice for those with normal to dry skin. Others, like myself, double cleanse both morning and night. I have combination skin that leans towards the oily side. My skin accumulates oil over night. Mix that oil with the serums, creams, and sleep masks I apply at night, I need to double cleanse to remove that layer of oil and dirt then clear out my pores with a second cleansing.

What Are the Benefits of Double Cleansing?

After discovering how and when to double cleanse, you can pay attention to the benefits of this technique. It goes without saying that with cleaner skin you will notice more clarity and less breakouts. Your skin treatments can penetrate deeper and work better without having any leftover dirt getting in the way. When your skin treatments work better, you see results quicker.

If you haven't guessed by now, I do advocate double cleansing. It has helped my skin stay clearer and fresher looking. Whether to double cleanse or not is a personal decision. If you are happy with one cleansing then keep doing what you do. If your skin could use some improvement, then give double cleansing a try for about a month to see if you notice an improvement.

Do you double cleanse? What products do you use?

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