About Natural, Neutral, No-Makeup, and Nude Makeup Looks

Hello there, lovelies! How was everyone's holiday yesterday? It's Monday and it is back to the grind for us. For today's blogging grind, I want to shed a little light on the differences between natural, neutral, no-makeup, and nude makeup looks. I've noticed that quite a few people think these makeup looks are the same thing, just using different terminology. This is not true. They are different and I will tell you how they differ.

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Natural Makeup Looks

Natural makeup looks do utilize color However the colors used mimic the colors seen on the skin. The face is not contoured or strobed. A bronzer is used to create a healthy and sometimes, natural sun kissed glow. Lips can be deepened within using shades within the same hue. If your lips are a brownish pink you stay within three shades of that tone. If your cheeks flush a soft pink, then pick blush tones within three shades of your natural flush. Eyes, stick with earthy tones. That will be a range of browns, golds, creams, rich greens, and rich reds.

The point of natural-looking makeup is to enhance, deepen, add dimension to your face. People can tell you are wearing makeup. However, your makeup does not change the way you look; it enhances your looks to make you look better.

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Neutral Makeup Looks

I often find that people confuse natural and neutral. Neutral makeup refers to the colors used. Neutral tones include the brown shades you'll find in earth tones. However neutral tones also include white, black, shades of gray, and navy (the "new neutral"). Now these shades, with the exception of brown shades, are almost exclusively used for eye makeup.

The misconception about neutral makeup is that it is not bold. It can be bold, sexy, sultry, or subtle. You can wear a navy smoky eye, medium gray lipstick and a bronzed cheek for a neutral look. Conversely you can wear nothing but varying degrees of brown on the face and it still will be a neutral makeup look because neutral colors were used to create the look.

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No-Makeup Makeup Looks

The no-makeup, makeup look is also confused with the natural makeup look. With a no-makeup look, you are supposed to look like you are not wearing makeup. More importantly, people should not be able to easily determine if you are wearing makeup at all. The one easy guess probably will be some sort of makeup base like foundation or a tinted moisturizer. Other than that, all other makeup should be discreet.

Julien M. Hekimian; 2014 French Select/Getty Images

Nude Makeup Looks

Nude makeup is not a one and done that is good for every person. Now this makeup look is the closest to the natural makeup look of all. The difference with this is when wearing nude makeup, your face appears almost monochromatic in a very minimal way. Your face is made up in basically one shade. Finding what shade or shades are your nude requires a bit of trial and error. I suggest, if you have a go-to nude lipstick shade that is nude on you, find this shade in a blush tone and in an eye shadow palette.

You can have smoky eyes and wear black or brown eyeliner with a nude makeup look. The key to a nude makeup look is to make sure your eyes, cheeks, and lips are all in the same or similar nude shade.

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What I have given you are the age-old ways that natural, neutral, no-makeup, and nude makeup have been interpreted. These ways are still tried and true. Makeup looks today are constantly being reinvented or remade. However, there still are parameters for each of these looks so don't go too off course.

Which of these four makeup looks do you gravitate towards most often?

Image Credits: All images from Image.net (registered user) All Rights Reserved. Main Image photographed by – Brendon Thorne and Lisa Maree Williams for Getty Images

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