Oils: The Beauty Black Sheep that Won the Lottery

Happy Tuesday, lovelies! I was trying to think of what to write for the letter "O" today during the A to Z Challenge. I kept thinking about oils. However, I no longer need to advocate for oils anymore because everyone loves them now. I do remember a time when this was not the case.

Oils Were Once Sort of a Taboo 😱

If you are in your late 20s or older, you might remember that oils were a taboo ingredient in the beauty world. I mean people were even afraid to apply it to and leave it on their hair. Imagine that? It's true.

The war on oil was more so against mineral oil and petroleum jelly. Mineral oil was the primary oil that was used in beauty products. For the longest time, when oil was mentioned, the association with pore clogging mineral oil was made. So, for a couple of decades, oils were snubbed by consumers.

Two Miracle Oils Changed the Game 😍😍

Then something miraculous happened after 2010, oil won the beauty lottery. I have to hand it to two oils in particular that made oils the darlings of the beauty world that they are today. They are Argan and Coconut oils. These two oils were like miracle oils. Many of you probably remember the argan beauty boom around that time. Heck Josie Maran established a beauty empire from Argan oil. Argan oil has fallen off a bit but its partner in crime coconut oil became the cure all. Of course, coconut oil doesn't cure what ails you. However, it does do a lot for dry skin and damaged hair.

Then other oils started coming to the forefront screaming, "I can make you beautiful too!" Now we have avocado oil, grapeseed oil, rosehip oil, and host other oils found in every beauty product imaginable. Those of us who always used oils for our beauty needs just nod our heads as we mix together our avocado and evoo together for our hot oil treatments.

Now There is a New Miracle Oil Debuting Every Year 👋

The beauty industry is so enthralled with oils that it seems a new oil is dubbed the miracle oil each year. Oils I never heard of before are common. Tarte has made an obscure oil, maracuja oil, a beauty mainstay.

It’s hard to believe that oils were shunned the way they once were. With just about every skincare, hair care, and body care product containing oil it is hard to get away from oils today. I for one am glad the world has embraced the beauty of oils.

Now that we can talk about oils free without shame... What oils do you love and where do you use them?

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