Zit Control After 35

This is the last blog post for the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. Normally there are no Sunday posts. However, the way April was set up this year, Z-Day had to happen on a Sunday. Here we are and I am going to talk about my adult acne struggle. Yes, we have zits for Sunday.

Acne in My Teens

When I was in me teens and first few years of my twenties, I had mild acne. I used Proactive back then but had to stop because I developed eczema and that acne system aggravated it. Then something great happened. I stopped having acne breakouts apart from the errant one that would occasionally visit me during my period.

Acne in My Late 30s

In 2014, I became ill and was hospitalized two days before my 37th birthday. I had so much medicine pumped into me and a few blood transfusions. I was in the hospital then sent to a nursing home. I came home things were okay with me initially. Then I started getting zits. They were a bit stubborn. They were no longer occasional zits. I was having full on breakouts like when I was a teenager.

I tried using salicylic acid because it is gentler and my skin tends to dry out using benzoyl peroxide. That was no longer as effective as it used to be. Then I decided I needed to just deal with some dry skin and tried the Acne Free system which uses benzoyl peroxide. To my delight, it worked without drying my face out.

Zit Maintenance Going into My 40s

I turn 40 next month. I still get acne breakouts, especially when I become sick. So, my Acne Free system is something I can't go without now. When I double cleanse, my Acne Free cleanser is my second cleansing to help get treat my zits.

I hear that we begin to lose moisture during this time in life. Right now, my skin is combination but can be on the oily side more often than not. So, I am not sure how long I have before I will need to start using an anti-aging acne fighting moisturizer.

Pushing 40 I am still struggling with zits and how to manage them. I have a game plan. However, I know skin changes as we get older. So, I need to begin thinking ahead now. I seriously do not want to be in my 50s trying to conceal a zit on my nose.

Do you suffer from adult acne? What products are working for you?

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