7 Quick Beauty Hacks That've Helped Me Over the Years

Hey lovelies! This is a sort of #ThrowbackThursday type of post. When Yahoo! still had its beauty and fashion website, Y!Shine up and running, I was a Beauty Guru for the site. One of the pieces I wrote for Y!Shine back in 2014 was 3 Quick Beauty Fixes That Save Me Every Time. I am going to include the fixes from the original article in this post (I own the copyright to it so if you see it elsewhere please let me know). In addition to those three fixes I am adding more that I use. So, sit back, chill, and bookmark this post because you may want to reference it again.

Quick Hairstyle Fix

When in a pinch, I will prevent a bad hair day by creating two flat twists to save the day. I will divide my hair into two sections from front to back (does not need to be a center part). I secure one side of my hair with a covered elastic. I take the other side and create a single, two-stand flat twist starting from the front, twisting around to the back. I secure the end of the twist with a covered elastic. I create the same two-strand flat twist to the other section. The hairstyle is simple, takes about three to five minutes to create. I have even done this in the passenger seat of a car and at my desk at my former job.

Quick Hair Wash Fix

Being bedridden makes washing your hair a bit of a task. So, I do not shampoo and condition as often as used to. My hair is not dry shampoo-friendly. So, I use a cleansing foam. The one I use is Medline Remedy Olivamine Foaming Body Cleanser. It can be used for body and hair. I use it wash my hair. You simply work the foam through your hair, comb out tangles, and you are done. No rinsing required. I think some hair companies are coming out with these types of foams as well. If your hair does not like dry shampoo, a no-rinse shampoo foam is a quick fix.

Quick Fix for Scaly Patches

I have mild eczema which gives me scaly patches on my chin, cheeks, nose, and eyebrow area. I've long used oils to help speed up healing. I've recently discovered that massaging castor oil on those patches and leaving it on for an hour before washing my face with a cream cleanser and washcloth removes the scaly patches. I keep this up every time I wash until the flare up is over to keep the scaliness at bay.

Lord & Taylor

Quick Acne Fix

I have adult acne. Sometimes I get a big, red whopper that is painful. To help scale that sucker down to whitehead, I apply a drop of peppermint essential oil and a drop of tea tree oil on a cotton swab. I then hold the swab against the zit for 30 seconds. If it is big enough I will dab the swab all over the zit. The next day the zit has shrunk, is no longer red, and has begun to dry out. This trick is not for everyone because essential oils can irritate (burn) the skin. If you have overly sensitive skin, do not try this fix.

Quick Fixes to Tame Unruly Brows

We all do not wear makeup every day or even every time we show our face in public. Sometimes we still need our brows to not be a bushy mess. Of course, a swipe of clear mascara does the trick every time. So, does a light smear of petroleum jelly or a swipe of lip balm across the brow. Heck, even a light smear of edge gel can tame an unruly brow.

Quick Overnight Fix for Chapped, Cracked Lips

When I am sick my lips become chapped and crack. They look a hot mess. When I notice that this has happened, I apply a moisture mask all over my face and generously over my lips. I leave the mask on overnight, wash my face and apply a lip moisturizer on my lips. My lips are back to being soft and smooth once again.

A Quick Shot of Color

I've wrote about this quick fix plenty of time in different ways on the blog. When you are out and about with no makeup one and need to spruce your face a up bit, lip gloss applied -- with a light hand -- to the eyes and cheeks (provided it is blush shade). You can apply the gloss generously to lips if you desire. This takes less than five minutes and helps add a bit of dimension and color to your face to perk your look up.

These seven quick beauty hacks have helped me in a pinch over the years. Sometimes I've just needed to use one at any given time. More often than not, I’ve found myself employing two or more of these hacks on any given day.

What are your quick beauty fixes?

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